TONY MOLY TOP Perfect Lip’s Lip Hyuna (현아) Lipsticks review


The korean singer Kim Hyun Ah (김현아), from the kpop band 4minute, has come together with the make-up brand Tony Moly to design 2 lipsticks for their new Perfect Lip’s Lip-line. The two shades are RD003 and RD005 and both of them are stunning red shades as Hyuna is famous for her sultry lips in her Music videos and performances in the past.

As soon as I saw these had been released I ordered the two shades marked as “Hyuna’s Pick” and they arrived in my mailbox the other day. I’m very satisfied with the shades and I definitely want to wear either one of these next time I go out or am dressing up for something. The shades are named after her songs but also one is just named “Hyuna’s Red”. The one on the right in the Picture below is inspired by her lipcolour in the musicvideo for her song “Red / 빨개요” and the one on the left is the one inspired by the lipstick she wears often which is a bit darker.


Here’s swatches of the Hyun Ah lipsticks:

Here’s a picture from her “Red” music video:

Here’s her wearing the shade #5/RD005:

Tony moly hyuna lipstickA


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