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Hey everybody,
I’m still sick, which really really sucks. Today I changed the sheets in  my bed, cleaned my room and vacuumed the whole house. I’m so restless eventhough I still can’t really eat since my throat hurts so badly when I swallow still. Also I have a final essay to write and I just can’t get starting properly with it. I keep procrastinating. Schoolwork is really stressing me out. There’s so many things I need to do but I feel like I don’t have the time, and since I keep getting a fever it’s just brought down my mood a bit.

Tomorrow I had planned to attend my friend Cathrine’s “GEEK PARTY”, but as I’m feeling right now, I doubt I can attend. I’m so sad 😥 I love dressing up so it’s such a bummer being sick and not able to attend, it really sucks, cause I know that some of my close friends that I haven’t seen in a while are attending.

I thought I’d show you two of my favourite songs that I keep replaying lately, they’re really cute/nice to listen to:

Son Dam Bi (손담비) – Tears Are Falling (눈물이 주르륵)

NS Yoon-G feat. Jay Park – If You Love Me

Tomorrow is MAMA!
It’s airing at 9AM Swedish time (it’s right now in about 8 hours), which is at 5:00 p.m. KST, click at this link to enjoy the show; 
I hope those of you guys that will be watching are going to enjoy it as much as I know I will!



Note: I really feel like I’m syncing together with my mamegoma plushie seal tonight cause I’m right now wearing my rikkuma-hoodie and they’re both white and blue and kinda similar. So cute^^

Time To Review: Shiseido Ma Chérie Decoration Keep Spray

This product I bought in Seoul when I was freaking out about my hair getting to damaged. I was looking like a crazy person to find some kind of heat protection spray, but since the usage of hair straighteners isn’t an everyday thing for many korean/asian women, it just doesn’t exist. I know, from searching the web about my problem, this is a thing that many other foreigners also encountered when going to Korea and since I’m so dependent on using hair straighteners basically every day for my hair to look decent it’s not an okay situation. I wouldn’t stop using my hair straighteners, so I kept using them and without heat protection spray I just ruined the quality of my hair.

How do I know that I ruined it? Because I was told, twice, by different hair dressers. All of them male hairdressers. “Your hair is ruin! Your hair is broken!”. It really frustrated me a lot. Also I think that’s the point when my hair also started falling off more than usual, like I got more fall-outs from my hair when brushing it and even just when touching it to fix my hair etc.. So frustrating!
When I go back to Korea I really have to bring at least four bottles of heat protection spray cause if I run out of it, I’m just ruined.

Back then it was also difficulties for me to order the products online as my address was;
1. Not easy to write (as it was in korean)
2. I didn’t understand whether to write my address in romanized (english letters) or hangul (would the postman understand? and also – what non-korean person can write an address in hangul properly without knowing how to write the letters properly and seperately previously? So much confusion…)
3. If my address was written correctly (as one of my friends told me it was spelled wrongly, another said it was correctly spelled)

Anyhow, I bought the Ma Chérie Decoration Keep Spray as I asked a woman working in a store what to do about my hair getting damaged by hair straighteners and super frizzy. She must’ve misunderstood me because she promised me this product would help me. But it did not for that purpose as it is a HAIRSPRAY.

I can not stress this enough – the language barrier is difficult to come across and misunderstandings happen’ daily.

This hairspray however is really good as a hairspray, I’ve noticed through my time using it, and actually I find it better than a few of my western/american brand hair sprays that I own. I definitely recommend it, it does keep your hair in place.
It’s such a shame I haven’t been such a fan of hairspray previously. I’ve had so many difficulties using hairspray in my past because my hair is really prone to humidity so many hairsprays can make my hair curly from spraying it on my hair, and previously I’ve mostly desired as straight hair as possible so using a hairspray really didn’t help me. But this hairspray/”decoration keep spray” from Ma Chérie does to the job, without messing up your straightened hair because of humidity in the product (if you understand what I mean).

I am in general a fan of the japanese brand Shiseido’s hairproducts as the other hair products of theirs that I’ve tried have been really good. Maybe some of them are a bit pricey, like this hairspray was about 15$ (if I remember correctly, maybe 20$…) and usually I spend as little money as possible on hair spray.

I love that Ma Chérie’s hair products all are in different shades of pink and I love the pretty decorative pattern on this spray can, I think it looks kinda royal, don’t you? It’s so pretty, so just ofr the bottle I guess it’s worth spending a bit more on^^

Now lately I’ve started curling my hair more and it’s really been helpful having a good hairspray and I kind of wish I’d done that back in Korea too, but ah well, it doesn’t matter. I’ve realised lately how much I’ve been changing around my style these last few years. Which is kind of awesome, I love changing 🙂

If I were to give this product a score it would be an 8/10.
The point is only lowered due to the product being a bit high in price range.

This weekend


This weekend I went out drinking two days in a row with friends – although the second day ended super early as we were on the tram to Gothenburg and I realised I was starting to feel really sick. And now it’s Wednesday and I’m still really sick. It’s so annoying!

Horoscope of Destiny?

November 21: The Sun Enters Adventurous Sagittarius!

If you feel as if you’re stuck in a rut, the Sun’s entrance into the nomadic Fire sign of Sagittarius will surely get you moving! Ask questions. Meet new people. Leave old routines and stale ideas behind. Are you ready to make your dreams come true and fulfill your destiny? During this philosophical period — set to last until the Winter Solstice on December 21 — ask yourself the bigger questions about the meaning of your life … and your purpose in it. You may be surprised by some of the intriguing answers you get. It’s time to be both inspired and inspiring!

This was the horoscope-update I got today. I usually don’t read horoscopes really rarely and mostly for a laugh, but this one kinda is relevant to my current life-situation. I have some hard decisions to make and they seem to be a bit lifechanging….

Other than that I just want to say I had a really stressful morning but a really happy afternoon, so I thought I’d share that happiness with you. I don’t know what brought on this happiness, it’s totally come from nowhere, but I feel really happy today and I had a really happy day in general, and all afternoon I’ve been smiling and trying to share that happiness with the people around me, and it’s seems to have worked 🙂

Naked 2


I received my so longed after Naked 2 Urban Decay eyeshadow palette in the mail today, and I’m so happy about using the palette so far, the colours are awesome, and I love the names of them. So far my favourites are “Pistol”, “YDK”, “Snakebite” and “Booty Call”.