Sheet mask time – Innisfree it’s real squeeze mask shea butter


Sorry the picture is pretty blurry!
The lighting in my room was pretty dim when I took this picture.
I’m right now enjoying an Innisfree sheet mask after a long long day. The Innisfree sheet masks are one of my favourite korean sheet masks. Also I’m listening to music in my room since I just got 3 Months of Spotify Premium, so that’s a nice way to calm down in the evening.  It’s right now almost midnight in Sweden. 

I’ve been studying today, quite a long since I had a seminar first and then had an essay to hand in. Next my friend Christoffer came by and he had bought me a jacket and a sweater, so sweet, right? I’m happy to have close good friends to take me by difficult days. And today was a difficult day.
I’m right now juggling work and studies at the same time and it becomes very stressful at times. Some people in my surroundings sometimes put a lot of pressure on my shoulders, even my parents at times. Not always, of course! I’ll be okay, no worries.

I hope you are all having a good day ๐Ÿ™‚