“Lipstick”-look 립스틱

You know how I mentioned that I really have been craving doing a “Orange Caramel ‘Lipstick'”-makeup tutorial earlier today? Well, I absolutely couldn’t resist trying out the look.

– Nature Republic Snail Therapy BB Cream #01 Light Beige
– Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer #Ivory
– Mua Pearl Eyeshadow Shade 7 (Forest Green)
– Tony Moly Gel Eyeliner #Black
– Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder
– NYC Smooth Mineral Powder Blush #Tender Pink
– Laura Key Duo Bronzing Powder
– Brown eyeliner (pen)
– Maybelline Falsies Feather Look Mascara
– Etude House “Colour My Brows” Eyebrow Mascara #2 Light Brown

I decided to do my own version of the make-up, using orange eyebrows and green eyeshadow, the girls of Orange Caramel have different all of them and these are the colours I had at home. I’ll also feature pictures below of Nana (there’s the most detailed pictures of her) of the look that inspired me to do this make-up. I’ll definitely do a tutorial for this supercute look in the  future!
Here’s the pictures of my finished “Orange Caramel Lipstick”-look :

Bronzer skills, Blair make-up and Teen Top shoes

I’m still really sick. Ugh, it sucks so much. Also today to look more healthier I decided to learn to SUCCESSFULLY use bronzer and blush as a combo when doing my make-up. I’m using a Laura Key bronzer and my blush is from NYC. I did my make-up following tutorials by Tanya Burr (Youtuber) such as these below, but I put my own twist on my make-up. Tanya is a really cool make-up artist from the UK and I do recommend her make-up tutorials a lot!

How To Look Like A Victoria’s Secret Model

Blair Waldorf Leighton Meester Make-up Tutorial

Also, my big happiness today is finishing Mnet Global’s Teen Top Puzzle, so now I’m finally in the drawing for the Teen Top Custom Designed Converse shoes:

Also, I really am craving doing make-up tutorials again, my next desire of doing a make-up tutorial is of Orange Caramel, the girls look for their MV of “Lipstick”.


I’m so excited, for about 30 days now I’ve been doing Mnet Global’s Teen Top Challenge which is basically a puzzle you need to click a button for each day to get a piece for, and the prices are amongst others that you can win TEEN TOP designed Converse Shoes. They look amazing, and I’ve been drooling over them for a month now, so I’m really excited about finishing this puzzle so I finally have a chance to win them.
I will finish this puzzle tomorrow after 6PM (swedish time) and I just wanted to spread the happiness with you guys!

Hair-do like awesome Emily B

started off this day with a braid to the side, like a fish-tail braid but this evening half of it fell out. So now it looks like this^^
It really does remind me of Emily Browning’s hair in the movie “Lemony Snicket’s; A Series Of Unfortunate Events”. You decide!

I really like Emily Browning since yeeeears back, she’s so gorgeous and I love her style. Of course, she’s one of my favourite actresses.

MORE AWESOMENESS; I just received my package from Mnet Global for the work I did for them earlier this year. Awesome package right?
The package contained:
* BIG BANG – ALIVE Album GD version
* SHINee – Sherlock Album (Key tradingcard inside)
* SISTAR – Loving U Album
* INFINITE – Infinitize Album
* Super Junior – SPY Album
* Mnet Bag
* Mnet T-shirt
* 3 Mnet pens
* 2 Mnet post-it thingies

I absolutely love getting packages in the mail so I’m happy 🙂 Thank you so much MNET GLOBAL

I will ASAP write about my experience at the CNBlue concert at the Indigo2 in London on 120922, along with post videos of some of their performances. They are kind of bad quality but still, the sound is at least good^^