Estée Lauder lipstick “Restless” Review


The Pure Colour Envy Matte Sculpting lipstick in the shade “Restless” from Estée Lauder designed by Kendall Jenner just arrived in my mailbox a few days ago. I got it from and after a delay because they seemed to be lacking in stock in the beginning but it was definitely worth the 2-3 week wait.

I really like the shade. I love Kendall Jenner’s style and knew I had to buy it immediately when I saw it was about to launch. It’s a brighter lipstick shade than I would usually wear but I have many lip tints in similar shades. I think it looks great on me and I’m loving that one of the Kardashian/Jenner family is finally designing make-up. The packaging has a magnetic close like the Burberry lipsticks which is pretty cool/handy.

So here’s some pics of the packaging and me wearing the lipstick. I’m pretty pale and it suits me well, in my opinion.