Mysan&Bernard and SHiNEE


Yesterday I got to talk to my dad and my cats! It made me so happy, yet sad of course, since I miss my babies so much!

Love is hard :/
The cat at the top is Mysan and the one at the bottom is Bernard ❤

Also I saw SHiNEE at the Peace Concert yesterday, we got ticket from my school for the event ❤
It was so much fun! I don't like Taemin's wig though…. Why does the boys I love the most have to go fuck up their hairstyles to make them look less attractive than they are right now. esprecially when I'm in the same country as them finally…. Disappointment.

Here's a link to one of the songs they performed, my favourite of theirs' "Lucifer";
SHiNEE – Lucifer