Dreams of Yung Jong Hwa

A few night ago I had another of those really real-like dreams that you wake up from and you believe what’s happend in the dream actually happend to you. Oftener it happends when you have nightmares and you wake up all shocked, gasping for freedom from the dream.
But my dream wasn’t a nightmare, it was actually a really good dream.
I dreamt I met Yung Jong Hwa (the boy in the picture above and below) and that we started dating. It was so real, and even Amanda was in my dream and I was trying to text my friend in Sweden to tell him about it aswell. But then I woke up, all ready to call Jong Hwa, when I realized I don’t have his number. I don’t actually know him and we were never dating. The disappointment….

Anyhow, I tried to fall back asleep and of course I failed that too. Shame.
He’s so cute—

A little bit of background information on Yung Jong Hwa:
Born: 1989
TV series he participated in: You’ve Fallen for Me (Heartstrings) and You’re Beautiful
Kpop band he’s the singer of: CN Blue (he also plays guitar)
Makes commercials for make up brand: Holika Holika