Throwing my Estée Lauder in the trash

Today is the day when I’m making a stand for myself. Being the one most at risk in my family to get skin cancer (this is me assuming since I get sunspots really easily and have at least 40 of them on each of my arms) I was very upset to read some articles in these last few months on Estée Lauder products allegedly containing ingredients that could cause cancer. 

So today, I threw out my Estée Lauder products and I’m gonna stay away from using the brand until I hear that they have changed their mind about using these ingredients in their products.

I think this should make everyone step back and check what’s in the products that we use on a day to day basis. It’s so upsetting that at this day and age a beauty brand still alledgedly puts cancer causing ingredients in their products. 

This is why I in the first place was so impressed with Korean skincare. There’s SPF 50 in most skincare products, and that’s something that I never was thought to put on me when I was younger. I wish somebody had told me the importance of spf, and that I didn’t need to learn it from articles on different models skincare routines years too late. I never thought to put on SPF unless I went to the beach.

This is one of the articles I’m referring to;’awareness’_might_cause_cancer

Here’s one in Swedish;