Madness in T-ara

The controvercy happening around T-ara these last days has really spun out of control. OUT OF CONTROL.

And honestly, anyone who knows about “bullying in South Korea” knows the amounts of bad things the rest of the girls in T-ara could’ve been putting Hwayoung through. I mean, this is important to note, the amount of suicides in South Korea is the highest number in the world right now, beating Japan who used to top the list.

I have to mention that Park Jiyeon always has been my bias in T-ara, so now I dearly hope that the first article below is a lie. Sure, Jiyeon is stunning and therefore, sure, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that she’s a bitch when it comes to her personality. But still I mean, I’m feeling awfully disappointed in the girls, as a fan. I feel like they have been acting extremely childish and honestly, if they’re gonna bully their band-member to this level, it’s better that they don’t have a band a all. I mean, using violence and bullying on this level?? Also if the “slap incident” happend when promoting “Lovey Dovey” it was really reciently. Which means that Jiyeon, who should be a grown woman by now, used violence like that at this age. So stupid. Seriously.

So disappointed in you, girls. Really.


Among the many that are stepping forward to offer some more insight on the T-ara controversy, is a netizen who claims to be a former T-ara back-up dancer.

The post is going viral online, and in it, the dancer describes in detail of a time Jiyeon had slapped Hwayoung across the face.

It reads:

I am a member of Hot Chicks, an exclusive dance team for T-ara, and am also working with Davichi, KARA, Brown Eyed Girls, Rainbow Pixie, and more.

It was around the time the Japanese concert took place. We were getting big with our “Lovey Dovey” shuffle dance after Hwayoung was admitted, and getting ready to perform “Roly Poly” for our year-end performance.

During one of the rehearsals, it was a situation where Kwang Soo had jam-packed our schedules, so both the dancers and the members of T-ara who had just completed their day’s work were extremely sensitive and on edge.

Still, everyone was mustering up their last bit of strength and practicing, when Hwayoung messed up a little bit of the choreography.

Seeing this, Jiyeon and Soyeon then sarcastically scoffed at her, saying, ‘Since you already decided to join, you should maybe work a little harder.’

Hwayoung then became a little depressed, but the dance leader mediated the situation and the rehearsal resumed.

But Hwayoung maintained an uncomfortable expression on her face, and Jiyeon who saw this slapped Hwayoung across the cheek and told her that because she had come in late to the already-established group T-ara, she needed to act sensibly and to rehearse without that expression on her face.

The atmosphere became extremely tense, and Hyomin took Jiyeon outside, telling her that she should just be the bigger person.

Even after Hwayoung’s ‘exposure’ incident, everyone was indifferent towards her, rather than comforting.

After the incident, T-ara went on hiatus to prepare for “Day By Day” and because of events with Davichi and Brown Eyed Girls, I could only see T-ara on TV.

Seeing them on the small-screen, I thought that the girls’ relationship with Hwayoung had improved, but these girls who are all grown don’t want to sit by her in the car so they blatantly play rock paper scissors right in front of her face.”

Article is from Allkpop


Past photos of T-ara’s Hyomin with her ex-boyfriend has surfaced online, adding fuel to the entire Hwayoung controversy.

On July 30, photos titled “T-ara Hyomin’s pre-debut photos with her ex-boyfriend exposed!” were posted on an online community board. The photos, reportedly taken when Hyomin was in High School, show the star singer on a date with her ex-boyfriend. They are seen snapping selca photos on the street, and going over a photo album in a room together. In one of the photos, the ex-couple is seen kissing each other on the side of Han River.

Hyomin was a popular figure online as an “ulzzang” star, even prior to her debut with T-ara. Her boyfriend at the time was also one of the online “ulzzang” stars, according to reports.

But fans have been questioning the timing of the release of these controversial photos. It was posted just moments before the announcement of Hwayoung’s withdrawal from the group, and some fans are taking this as Hwayoung fans’ retaliation to the rest of the T-ara members.

Netizens that saw the photos commented, “Who took those photos?” “I want to know why these photos are leaked now,” and “They both look so cute!”

Meanwhile, T-ara’s agency Core Contents Media released a statement on July 30, announcing the termination of Hwayoung’s contract with the agency. Fans have been furious over the announcement, and with the leak of these photos, the whole T-ara debacle is only expected to get worse.

Article from SOOMPI


After Core Contents Media CEO Kim Kwang Soo announced that T-ara member Hwayoung had acted in an ‘unacceptable’ manner on a number of occasions, an incident that took place between Hwayoung and Jiyeon has also been revealed.

According to an industry insider, there was an incident that took place back in 2010 where Hwayoung did not oblige with T-ara’s manager who asked the girls to prepare for their stage performance.

This brewed some quarrel amongst the girls, and Hyomin who grew tired of her attitude gave Hwayoung a piece of her mind, but Hwayoung reportedly refused to listen to Hyomin as well. Fellow member Jiyeon who was observing the situation also stepped up to say something to Hwayoung, causing the two to begin arguing. Following the fight with Hwayoung, Jiyeon was then unable to properly focus on stage, and the way the camera captured Jiyeon made it seem as though she had an attitude problem.

Meanwhile, CCM reported that Hwayoung suddenly refused to participate in T-ara’s July 27th ‘Music Bank‘ stage, with only two groups before them left to go. On the way home, Hwayoung, in front of fans and reporters, threw down her crutches and sat on the floor, threatening to yell at the managers in public.

This is the performance they are talking about;

Article from Allkpop


The number of members who have joined online café T-Jinyo (“We Demand the Truth from T-ara”) has now surpassed 160,000.

Fans created ‘T-Jinyo’ shortly after CCM‘s CEO Kim Kwang Soo announced that member Hwayoung will be leaving T-ara. While T-ara’s fan café has lost around 6,000 members, the members of the ‘T-Jinyo’ café has been steadily increasing. And now less than a day after the big announcement, the number of T-Jinyo members has quickly surpassed 160,000. Fans are using the café to argue that they have a right to know the truth, and that they deserve a clear explanation as to why Hwayoung is leaving the group. Incidents of where Hwayoung was supposedly being bullied by the other members have continuously been shared by fans, while other netizens are creating online bulletin boards to show their support and encouragement for Hwayoung.

It seems like the name for the café was modeled after ‘Tajinyo’, and some netizens are even petitioning for the T-ara members be expelled from variety shows and K-dramas, as well as the entire disbandment of T-ara.

Article from Allkpop