Merry Xmas, make-up secrets and new things


Hi everyone, sorry I kinda faded away from this blog for a while.

Right now I go to Korea University. My major is International Studies. I’m right now waiting for my final grades for this semester. I’m right now on winter holidays until March. Also I’ve dyed my hair a darker shade of brown, I got too bored with the blonde hair colour.
I’m right now living with two italian friends, Anna and Laura, and Anna’s dog (chihuahua) Bella. They’re so cool and so much fun. They have a blog about Korea in italian, check it out if you speak italian:

Make-up products I’m currently loving:
* Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
* Everything from Benefit (especially my Dandelion blush, its just the perfect colour)
* The Face Shop’s “My Lips Taste Like Cherry” Lipstain (the dark pink and the orange:y colour are both perfection, got the tip on the dark pink shaded one from my korean friend Sky, it looks amazing on everyone)
* Make Up Forever’s Concealer palette (as it saves my life and my face all the time)
* Missha’s Foundation Stick (my shade is 21, the lightest one, also a tip from a korean friend, Min Jung, if you blend it with BB cream your face looks so flawless, then just top off with, preferrably loose, powder afterwards)
* Peri Peri lipbalm in Sweet Peach

I’ve also realised that being away from my cat Bernard this long (I haven’t seen him in a year now) makes me really want to buy a cat here. And if I’m gonna buy a cat, I really want to buy a Bengal Cat. They look so cool and they’re so big and cute. Like small tiny tigers. I’d love that^^