Brazilian boys and my first dinner in the hasookjib

So I just ate my first dinner in my hasookjib.

USEFUL SENTENCE TO REMEMBER (since I don’t eat meat/pork);

* Chonun kogi an mogo-yo = I don’t eat meat

I went down to eat dinner and the umma (Umma means “mom” in korean, but she’s actually my landlord/landlady) starts halfly screaming in korean “Sweden, where have you been? Why do you never eat dinner here?”. She’s a very interesting character to say the least. I explain to her that I’m a vegetarian and she points out to me that there’s tofu and some other small dishes she wants me to try out. And of course she was happy that I like kimchi. People weren’t to social to me at the dinner table though, but I wasn’t being very social either. I met my classmate, who’s from Hongkong, she lives here aswell, but she only speaks to me in Korean, so I’m easily confuced when talking to her…
‘Then when some other people arrive the umma starts saying “Sweden, you’re so pretty!”. Another girl later (after many more praises about my looks, my korean is still very bad but I understand compliments…) told me that the umma also said that I look pretty, just like a doll. Cuteness.

When I go upstairs back to my floor. I live on the floor above where the kitchen is, therefore I reciently stacked up on some kitchenware for my room like forks, chopsticks, spoons, glasses and a bowl. Anyhow, I walk up to my floor and meet three brazilian boys (all to the looks are of course korean, but they speak portugese to each other) and they introduce themselves to me and we talk for a while. They are all my seniors but only by a few years. We talked about studying, Korea in general, our home countries, smoking and drinking. This ended up with them wanting to go with me drinking sometime.
It’s so easy to make friends here, if they speak enough english that is, which is a good good thing.
And as long as people don’t completely ramble to me in Korean, I’m good with that.