Working girl


Right now I’m out in the countryside of Sweden. It’s so calm here. Serene. But it’s really rainy and there’s no Internet connection basically anywhere. So that sucks…


Brushes, hairstyles and eye make-up

Okay, so this morning when I was trying to make up my mind of how to do my eye-make up since I love trying new looks, and something that’s been making me annoyed these last few days is how easily I misplace make-up brushes. Annoying, right?
Anyhow, I was looking around for a special one out of my eyeshadow brushes and suddenly found this white and black-dotted eyeshadow brush unopened on the counter. Apparently I ordered it from eBay sometime in November/December last year and it arrived after I flew off to South Korea, so I never really recieved it. Anyhow, therefore I lined my eyes with blackgrey eyeshadow (where I usually wear eyeliner, but not in the eye, only outside the tear-duct). And it ended up looking really good, and best of all; not too much. And I managed to line my eyes perfectly with the thin eyeshadow brush so they looked a bit more “dollish”. Although, I realised that you can’t really see it too well in the picture above, sorry, I’ve been out all day with this make-up so it maybe got a bit erased.
Also I got a bit creative in the evening and did try a new hairstyle. As you can see in the picture above I have two braid crossed on the top of my head as a weird headband. This hairstyle-look is supercute and super easy to fix. If you have long hair. And if you’re good with hair-pins. My hair isn’t long enough to wear this, but if you’re clever with the hair-pins, then it still looks good if you’re hair is a bit too short. It really is so quick to fix, it takes less than 2 minutes.

Here’s a tutorial on how to do the “double braid hair band”: