Etude House, Evas, Milani, NYX reviews


I got some stuff in the mail today that I thought I should Review from you guys. I know it’s a fast review after the purchase of the products, but all of these I’ve used previously (in other shades for the NYX and Milani products).

Etude House Brush Shower Cleaner
I like this product, it’s not pricey and it does a good job at cleaning make-up brushes. However, you might have to apply the product onto the brushes several times (depending on how dirty your make-up brushes are) to get them properly cleaned. This is my third bottle of this product that I’ve purchased  since last year. I like Etude House brush cleaner and it’s a great alternative that is cheaper than a lot of other brands brush cleaning products.
My grade for this product: 4/5

Evas Vitamin Hand handcream (lemon flavour)
I’ve noticed since january that my hands are getting dry from the cold weather that is still going strong in Sweden. The size of the product and my previous love for Vitamin Water was my main reason for buying this. It’s 100ml, which is great for carrying in my handbag that I use everyday. I’ve never had issues with dry hands when I was younger but the last few years I’ve had moments were my hands get really dry, sometimes for days. The lemon scent is very soft and the cream feels full moisturises without getting greasy on your hands. I would definitely try the other scents of this product too. It also exists in the flavours cherry and avocado. As far as I know, this is a South korean product.
My grade for this product: 4/5


Milani Powder Blush (01 Romantic Rose)
This product is so Beautiful. I’ve seen a few Beauty guru’s review this product (I clearly remember watching this review by Tati last year) and the final straw that led me to buy it was seeing another youtuber I like using it recently. I have pale skin, so does she so I assumed this colour would look as great on me as it does on her.The name of the colour is very cute, the colour is stunning and really reminds me of shades of roses I’ve seen in the past. I’m very excited to use this. I’ve previously used the Milani Baked Blush in the shade “Luminoso”) and absolutely love it so I’m sure I will love this one as well. Below you can see a swatch I did of this product on my hand.
My grade for this product: 5/5 (might chang this when I’vee used it for a longer time, stay tuned)


NYX Butter Gloss (BLG15 Angel Food Cake)
I adore the NYX Butter Glosses! I own three other shades since previously and he shade of this one sounded so good and looked nice too, I just had to buy it. You can see the swatch of the shade above  on the picture of my hand over the swatch of the Milani Blush. Very pretty colour. I thought it would be a more nude shade but I definitely like this. These are myfavourite glosses since they don’t feel sticky on your lips. Awesome. I had a phase of disliking wearing lipglosses before trying this and now I’m sold.
My grade for this product: 5/5

Sulloc WATER+ and Etude House Eye Cream

Today I got two packages in the mail.  One was a new eye cream because I recently ran out of my favourite Mamonde Nutri Lifting Eye Cream (ㅠㅠ) and wanted to find a cheaper alternative. Therefore I bought the Etude House Eye Cream in “Vanilla moist”. It doesn’t smell of vanilla that much, more like a bit menthol-ey and it feels a bit cold when applied on the skin, which should be great for preventing undereye bags!
Also right now I’m trying to exercise and eat healthier, and I’m finding it hard to cut back on sweet things such as Coca Cola and cookies. So when searching for korean products I found this Sulloc Water+ that’s supposed to help the body get into better shape. And it’s good for you! Basically you get a package with small packets of powder that you mix into 500ml of water. Shake it up and then it’s ready to drink. I got a package with 10 satchels of cherry punch flavour and one lemon lime satchel to try out. The cherry punch flavour is delicious but of course doesn’t really taste like real cherries, more like cherry candies.

I’ll write more when I have found out more from using the products for a longer time.