Ulzzang Shidae

Since one of my most popular posts made is the one I wrote in June called “Never understood the thing about ulzzang boys?” I thought I’d tell you about the TV-show I’ve started to watch called “Ulzzang Shidae”.

To start with you should understand the show so a few words are neccessary to understand:
Ulzzang = 얼짱 = Best Face (it basically means that you are “good looking”, pretty)
Shidae = 시대 = Generation (same as for So Nyuh Shi Dae which is Girls Generation’s name in korean, shi dae just simply means “generation”)
얼짱 시대 = Ulzzang Shi Dae = Ulzzang Generation

The reality TV-show “Ulzzang Generation” revolves around 6 girls and 4 boys, all famous over the internet, popularity they’ve gained through their personal websites where they post “best face” pictures of themselves.
The main purpose of the show, I think, is to show that the people behind the super-cute pictures really don’t look like that in real life without the quality of photo-editing and circle lenses. Some of them have even had celebrities contacting them wanting to meet them because of these pictures they’ve got on their websites.

I really strongly dislike the host of the TV-show because he really puts the young boys and girls (the youngest of them being 18 years old) in a really bad light, and even sometimes is too up front about what he thinks about their appearances. I know this is a korean thing to be open about, but he doesn’t do it nicely, as most other koreans do…

The thing that caught me about the TV-show is the characters, some of the ulzzangs are really charming and cute, and they are really open about plastic surgery and their heights and what they themselves consider as negative aspects of their appearances. Also it’s very interesting, I think, to see how young koreans within this “profession” interact with each other, and hear their stories.

If you’re interested in watching the show, here’s the link to the first part of the first episode with english subtitles:


My night out with Cathrine

I never really go out alone with just my friends who are girls. I rarely just go out with one friend I know, but this weekend, I went out to a club in local Gothenburg with my friend Cathrine. We’ve never previously gone to a club just her and me, and we had so much fun! There’s like no pictures of our night though, so I can just show two below. Anyhow, we will go out again in a few weeks and I’m already looking forward to it^^

Our luck wasn’t on our side in the beginning, we went to a pre-party at a girl called Misha’s house and before that we couldn’t find our free entrence tickets for the club, that this night had a Halloween-theme. Turns out that this Halloween-theme dragged a crowd, so of course was it an hour just to get into the club. And it started raining, so awful. The club lended us umbrellas though. Two other girl’s came with us into the club, we had been a bigger crowd previously, but due to the fact that it was cold, raining and the enterence age was 22 years old at the lowest, people kinda fell off on the way there.

We met so many awesome people inside the club though! Two men (I say men because their real ages was between 26-30 who were wearing these full upper body masks as older men, so that’s the last picture I have of the night). Also I met an old classmate from college, where I was studying Social Science-Journalism – Anton. So we talked about friends and memories a while which was a laugh. I hadn’t seen him in like 3-4 years.

We danced a lot, talked to so many people and had drink and so much fun. Cathrine got engaged to a random guy at the club (for fun, he just gave her his silver ring), that silver ring he later forgot about, as did Cath, so when we were outside we realised we wouldn’t see him anymore (and the club had closed).

Some swedish people are truly stupid though, but it was really great having a girl to make fun of them with, like one girl we talked to looked like she was dressed up as Alice Cooper. I mean, everyone knows who he is and what he looks like. She had black around her eyes and drawn crosses over her eyelids. But she told me that she was dressed as Snape from Harry Potter, expaining this and showing me a black (looooong-haired) wig she’d worn previously during the evening. Not really looking like Snape at all. Then Cath told her that she looked like Alice Cooper and she just gave us this totally blank look showing off that she truly had no idea who we were talking about. And remember that she’s at least 22, cause that was the age-limit that evening.

Also two girls, not dressed up Halloween-esque at all, stopped us and went “Ooooh, you guys look so cool! Good outfits! But we have to ask you… Do you really think you look sexy dressed up for Halloween like that? I mean, I would never do it, but it’s cool that you do”. I hate lame people. I mean, you’re not supposed to dress in a little black dress for a halloween-themed club night. And then showing off how obviously desperate for men to notice them and insecure they are in theirselves by trying to question our intentions of dressing up for the Halloween theme?




Of course these girls that I’m talking about had had more blonde hairdye and fake-tan on them in the last months than they had braincells, so obviously I shouldn’t be expecting much. I really hate girls who totally degrade themselves to appear sexy for boys. Especially their confidence in themselves especially when it comes to hiding any sign of intelligence and even changing the way they talk to sound like they are “mean girls”. Also the ones that don’t even try to be nice and just keep staring at you in disgust for no reason for hours almost nonstop when you talk to their friends.

Anyhow. I’ve done it to, but I was like 12 at the time, so yeah, glad I got that out of my way. And didn’t keep that awful personality that these girls actually adapt into having.

Rant over.

“We Bring The Boys Out!” (I love quoting Girls Generation lyrics for this photo)
BTW, we are both wearing Tsubasa Masuwaka circle lenses, the Princess Mimi circle lenses, Cathrine wearing grey ones (“Cafe Cappuchino Gray”) and me wearing brown (“Bambi Series Chocolate Brown”).

Circle lenses and wavy hair


I just recently bought an amazing curling iron from Remington, and it really increases the doll feel ten wearing circle lenses. What do you guys think? I think the curly hair makes me look a bit more grown-up~~~~

Dreams of G-Dragon (지드래곤)

Tonight I dreamt of GD. Such a weird dream too. I was running around because I was attending BIG BANG’s concert (somewhere, idk, I think at the time I thought it was in London) and it turned out the venue where the concert was was just a small club, which I’d never expected, which made me stress around the place even more. I know I went out to a hallway before the concert begun and I hung off my bathrobe among with other stuff (bathrobe… that’s really strange right? I mean, I barely ever wear it and only after showering so why bring it to a concert, I really don’t understand my dream self at times).

Anyhow, I went inside the small club and noticed a crowd had gathered in front of the stage, but I was set on being in the middle at the front so I ran forwards, noticing a bouncer seeing me running and just before he tried to stop me I slowed down and walked past him showing off a cute smile, so he let me pass eventhough he’d let through too many between the fence closest to the stage that he was guarding. Somehow I was aware of this. And also aware that I’d dressed up all dolly-pretty korean style like (ulzzang style, wearing circle lenses, soft locks in my hair and false lashes, kinda like I was dressed yesterday, just not as a creepy doll, instead my own style of the look), so I could get my way past anyone…

I half-run to the middle of the stage  and notice a small gap between some people where I manage to squeeze in. Just then the concert starts and I’m just deliriously happy to see Big Bang performing and GD again, and so happy to see him for the first time with really nice hair (remember I’ve only seen BIG BANG in the past at the Seoul Alive-concerts in march, where he had that awful extention going on so this is actually something I’m happy about and looking forward to). Suddenly G-dragon jumps off the stage into a gap in the crowd just behind me and continues singing and dancing on the ground just looking at me. I get stunned, but realize quickly I can’t lose his attention so I take his hand carefully and start “half-sexy” dancing with him.. And he plays along, quite surprised that I’m actually dancing with/for him, but seeming to enjoy it. Then the song kinda slows down and he’s not singing, but still holding my hand, so I lean in and kiss him. He looks surprised.

Then I wake up.

BTW, this is the Halloween-outfit I had yesterday, if you didn’t see it earlier, I’m a creepy doll:

Today + CRAYON

Today I’ve had the worst cold in the world. Which started on friday. I just have been feeling really sick this whole weekend so that’s been a bit shitty. And my dad has gotten sick too. It’s quite funny that as soon as I get sick his immune system crumbles and he gets sick too. Every time.
Friday I saw the premiere of Resident Evil: Retribution at the cinema with friends. It was really surprisingly good. And eventhough it was packed full with action scenes, it’s definitely my favourite Resident Evil-movie so far.
Tomorrow I’m going to the doctor. The reason why is because the last two months my hair has been falling out in a much bigger amount than the normal hair-loss per day of a normal healthy person. So this really got me stressed on friday when even my dad stated that he was worried and that I really should go see a doctor about it. So I’m going tomorrow first thing before school.

Also! I started studying a course called Socialpsychology at University last week. I was accepted a bit late for the course, but it’s all good. The course is so interesting! My teachers are really good and interesting and I’m really enjoying the course so far. I’m excited for tomorrow’s lecture! The only current issue is that I haven’t recieved my course litterature yet and no studying-allowance. So my economy is low, which sucks. Well, there’s not much I can do anyway, having this awful cold.

Another thing making me happy:
G-Dragon’s MV for the song “Crayon (크레용)” is out! It’s really cool and actually funny/entertaining, check it out below:


I absolutely looove that GD has nice hair now and dresses up as my favourite female actress Jeon Ji Hyun ❤ (the last two pictures above)

And THE HEADBAND is back ❤ So cuuute 🙂

I also find it ironic that GD has the same style of bathrobe as Bam Margera does.

Cool performance of “SEXY LOVE”

I never really properly got around to liking T-ara’s song “Sexy Love”. However, I do like the dance, and this performance is really cool. It looks like it’s filmed in some bizarre “Alice In Wonderland”-esque park.  Also I like the pink dresses that the girls are wearing. Check out the performance below!