Breaking Dawn part two


Today I went to the cinema with some friends to see the new Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2-movie.
I can say I was pleasantly surprised, the movie was actually really good.
Today I’ve been up early in the morning to go to school, then I went back home on the bus and watched Paranorman with my brother before leaving for the evening cinema.
Also we went for Espresso House-coffee which was really nice, we ended up being six girls going to see the movie together.
Then I had to stress to take the half 11 bus back home.
Now I’m just really tired. Tomorrow I’m seeing friends in the morning then I have coursework to do with classmates so I’ll probably be wrapped up in that most of the day. I never though reading a course in Socialpsychology at University would be this stressful. I really dislike being stressed most of the time. I know I’m more on the edge these last few weeks, and usually I’m never the type of person to become angry often like that. Guh.

Also I’m wrapped up in deciding about my future, which I really hate. It’s stressing me our majorly. But I have no choice anymore, I’m 22 years old now and I have to decide about my future.
My dad supports me going back to Korea soon at least.

Sometimes it seems to feel like he’s the only person who supports my desired decisions about my future…

Have a great day everyone ❤

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