First impression: Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment


So this was my face after trying to put on the Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment. It’s like no other face mask I’ve ever tried before. 

First reaction was;

This hurts my skin! Why did no one ever tell me that? Is it cause I just used my Thayers toner? (Mine is the witch hazel one that I’m holding in the picture) I wanted to put this mask all over my face but I gotta stop cause it actually hurts my skin 😦 I guess it’s the AHA and BHA components that make the skin hurt for the first bit after application. I tried a Paula’s Choice product that hurt my skin in a similar way and it contains AHA.

After the first minute it stops hurting the skin. I’ve heard many people review this mask as having a tingling feeling but I totally disagree, it really feels a bit painful, I was even considering washing it right off because of this. The thing is that my skin is so bad right now that I am trying everything to make it better. I’m right now taking medicine, Isoretinoin Orifarm (also called Accutane or Roaccutane), and I’m just starting since a month back so I haven’t yet had any results so I’m still struggling with my skin problems. 

The mask dries really hard, and quickly, it was already starting to dry within minutes of application. This is what it looks like when it’s dried:

The day after I did have blemishes but some of the bigger ones I think had reduced in size. 

I’ve now used it twice, the second time I used it solely as a spot treatment and didn’t spread it all over my face but instead focused on the more troubled areas. The mask still hurts my face for the first minute, maybe a bit longer. So that’s a bit of a disappointment. Beauty is pain, right?

Update; I’ve used it 4-5 times now and I’m still not blown away with the product, and I really wanted to be. I still prefer my Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask. I’ll update again if this changes. So far I feel like this mask hadn’t reduced my blemishes, I’m more wondering if my new increase in getting blemishes might be because of it. I have dry sensitive skin…

Review of Tony Moly’s Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack


This massage pack has been raved about all over the internet by many many girls and beauty bloggers/vloggers so I thought I should give it a try.

It mostly known for its whitening effects, but I wanted to try it for its face clearing detoxing effects. The pack is supposed to be massaged into the skin and then left on for about 10 minutes and lastly washed off with warm water.

I included several pictures of the product. Mine was bought in a Tony Moly store in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea so there’s no doubt that it’s the REAL/AUTHENTIC product. I’ve heard previously that a lot of people who bought the product online got fake products, that don’t look the same. Therefore, please use these pictures below as reference to know that you got the real Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack since there’s so many scams that can happened to you when you’re shopping online. The pictures are all taken with my Canon EOS 650D DSLR, so just click the picture to get the full sized photos.

Pros with the Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack:
* It does show whitening effects straight away
* My skin feels softer and looks clearer after
* It does improve my skin quality and defy a lot of the redness I usually have in my skin on a day-to-day basis
* The product formula doesn’t tense the skin up or irritate the skin
* The product does last a long time, so you get a lot of product for your money
* I would definitely buy this product again or recommend it to a friend
* Price, it’s pretty cheap, only 9800 KRW

Cons with the Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack:
* The whitening effect only stays a few hours, whereas the redness soothing effect stays longer on the skin
* Since it detoxes skin it can break you out, but if your skin is dirty, the dirt sometimes needs to come out, and not fry away into the skin, and this way is probably a lot healthier for your skin than salicylic acid and other acne treatment ingredients.

Here’s some more pictures of the product:

IMG_0302 IMG_0303 IMG_0304 IMG_0306 IMG_0305

Finally, since my skin already is so pale, this is not a product that I will buy again.

Skin care routine

I’m really obsessed with keeping my skin looking good. I have been for years. This is probably because my skin is so easily prone to blemishes and can get both too dry and too oily at the same time. Really annoying. Sure, my skin has gotten a lot better by the years, but it’s far from being perfect yet. That’s also the starting ground for my obsession with make-up.

So anyhow, I thought I’d show you my current skin-care routine:

I always wash my face twice a day – once in the morning after waking up and eating breakfast, then once at night before going to bed. The “”Medstop Rengöringsgel” is my current facewash. It’s froma swedish pharmacy, so it’s not the worst, in my opinion, but still not the best. It’s made for normal to mixed skin types. I’m running out of this product and I already bought a replacement for it (another facewash-product presented at the end of this article).

Then comes my wonderful “Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner”. I love this because of the 7 in 1-approach of it, solving 7 skin problems at once, and that it actually made a positive impact on my skin when I’d been using it for a while. I even made my brother try it out as he suffers from bad skin too. It’s a really good product and I’m glad I bought it. I was close to not buying it because I was really nervous about it maybe not working on my skin, but it did. I really recommend you trying out this product.

Then comes my “Etude House Collagen Moistfull Cream”. I absolutely adore this face-cream. I’ve tried other korean face creams that I like, but this one comes at the most fair price and it also feels really good on your skin. And any type of face-cream including collagen out of american brands would cost at least five times as much if it’s supposed to be a good one.

Okay so here’s my other recommendations for facial wash-products:

I got recommended this product by a shopkeeper at an Etude House-shop in Seoul. She recommended me the pink one out of these facial washes, but I think the difference in the two products isn’t that huge. I really loved using the pink one, and I tried buying one on the airport at Gimpo but they couldn’t sell it too me because they weren’t sure if I was allowed to bring it on my plane. I can’t wait until this product arrives in my mailbox, I’m so excited to try it out. This “line of products” (Baking powder) is my favourite, I tried the other products like AC Clinic and Pore Ever, but I didn’t notice as positive a change after using the products as I did notice after using this facial wash. Also now, when not living in Korea, I’m desperate enough to pay twice the price for a really good product if I have to, when buying it on Ebay.

Here’s some other korean products against problem skin that I really recommend:

Skinfood Eggwhite Pore Foam (This product even got stolen from me once, when I was living at the Pencil guesthouse hostel in Seoul)

Innisfree Pore Tightening Gel Cream “Mint”

Tony Moly Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm (I’ve been addicted to this product for a year) ❤