Spring make-up 2015

I warched the movie G.B.F (Gay Best Friend) recently and got inspired by the character Fawcett Brooks’ (played by Sasha Pieterse) make-up.

I tried to re-create and adapt the look for me and spring 2015.

Eyes: I used the Lorac Mega Pro Palette. For the inner half of my eyelids I used the colour “White” and for the outer side and crease I used a mix of the colors “Blush” and “Orchid”

Eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in “medium brown”

Face(in order of usage): Too Faced Hangover RX primer, Aritaum Pore Master, IOPE Perfect Skin base in “green” The Face Shop Power Perfection BB cream in “01 light beige” and I finished off with a bit of Innisfree’s No-Sebum Mineral Powder.

For concealer I used The Saem cover perfection tip concealer in “01 clear beige” and I used Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in the shade “Fair” for under my eyes. 

For contour I used my Etude House Aloha Bronzer in the shade “01 Wood Brown”.

Blush: Milani Baked Powder Blush in “Luminoso”

Lipstick: MAC lipstick “Angel”
I will try to do a make-up tutorial on this soon~| 

Sulloc WATER+ and Etude House Eye Cream

Today I got two packages in the mail.  One was a new eye cream because I recently ran out of my favourite Mamonde Nutri Lifting Eye Cream (ㅠㅠ) and wanted to find a cheaper alternative. Therefore I bought the Etude House Eye Cream in “Vanilla moist”. It doesn’t smell of vanilla that much, more like a bit menthol-ey and it feels a bit cold when applied on the skin, which should be great for preventing undereye bags!
Also right now I’m trying to exercise and eat healthier, and I’m finding it hard to cut back on sweet things such as Coca Cola and cookies. So when searching for korean products I found this Sulloc Water+ that’s supposed to help the body get into better shape. And it’s good for you! Basically you get a package with small packets of powder that you mix into 500ml of water. Shake it up and then it’s ready to drink. I got a package with 10 satchels of cherry punch flavour and one lemon lime satchel to try out. The cherry punch flavour is delicious but of course doesn’t really taste like real cherries, more like cherry candies.

I’ll write more when I have found out more from using the products for a longer time.


Sheet mask time – Innisfree it’s real squeeze mask shea butter


Sorry the picture is pretty blurry!
The lighting in my room was pretty dim when I took this picture.
I’m right now enjoying an Innisfree sheet mask after a long long day. The Innisfree sheet masks are one of my favourite korean sheet masks. Also I’m listening to music in my room since I just got 3 Months of Spotify Premium, so that’s a nice way to calm down in the evening.  It’s right now almost midnight in Sweden. 

I’ve been studying today, quite a long since I had a seminar first and then had an essay to hand in. Next my friend Christoffer came by and he had bought me a jacket and a sweater, so sweet, right? I’m happy to have close good friends to take me by difficult days. And today was a difficult day.
I’m right now juggling work and studies at the same time and it becomes very stressful at times. Some people in my surroundings sometimes put a lot of pressure on my shoulders, even my parents at times. Not always, of course! I’ll be okay, no worries.

I hope you are all having a good day 🙂

Holika Holika Soda Pore Cleansing Soda Water Review


So when this product arrived in the mail I was really confused. I’ve previously used the Holika Holika Soda Pore BB Cleansing Oil and was really satisfied with that, but this product slightly threw me off guard since you have to assemble it. It comes with a small bag tied around the neck of the bottle and in that bag there’s a small soda tablet that you have to drop in the water inside the bottle, without screwing the cap back on and leave in for around 20 minutes. Then after that, the product is ready to be used.

After using this product for a while now, I’ve mainly used this product as a toner sometimes, to make sure I’ve gotten all off my makeup off when washing my face. I’ve also liked to use it for make-removal by applying it on a cotton pad before swiping my face with it. It also works with removal of eye make-up but it does have a refreshing feel to it, so therefore be careful not to get anything of this product into your eyes.
I’ve previously liked being able to take my make-up off as quickly as possible, with make-up wipes and etc, but I don’t feel like my skin is thoroughly cleaned anymore when I’ve done that. This might have to do with the fact that I’ve invested in a Clarisonic Mia 2 recently. And it sure is an investment, considering it’s price. So far when it comes to the Clarisonic Mia 2, my skin is in the purging phase but getting better. My skin did get really upset and inflamed in the beginning of using the Clarisonic so I’m happy that after using it for two weeks it is getting better now. I will post a full review of the Clarisonic Mia 2 in a month or two.

Finally I want to note that I so much prefer the Holika Holika Soda Pore BB Cleansing Oil over the soda water, the BB cleansing oil is so much beter, and it did help me combat skin redness and blemishes in the past. However this I cannot use with the Clarisonic as oil cleansers wear out the brushes a lot faster, so I use it to get my makeup off, then wash my face with The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Cleansing wash or The Face Shop’s Rice Water Cleansing Wash (my favourite cleanser ever).

Innisfree It’s Real Soya Milk Sheet Mask

Hey guys!
This evening I decided to try out the Innisfree “It’s Real Soya Mask” sheet mask. It’s a really cool mask, really drenched with moisture from the beginning so hopes really stood high with me for this mask. The mask has extra “patches” for the eyes, which I think is awesome since that really prevents dark circles under your eyes, and therefore it fits perfectly to wear right before going to bed, then you wake up refreshed and without dark circles/bags under your eyes. The mask smells really fresh and only has a slight scent of perfume, it’s a really soothing smell.
It brightens your skin tone, and makes your skin silky and soft. It gives healthy and powerful skin with herb complex water. This sheet mask replenishes under the eyes once more according to descriptions of the sheet mask. Due to it’s added layers it promotes that more of the essence of the mask absorbes to the skin.

Snail Nutrition??

I love eBay shopping. I reciently bought this SKIN79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream, and it just arrived in my mailbox today. The previous snail-skin-products I’ve tried have really benifited the quality of my skin, so I’m excited to see how this one will work! I will write a full review on the product after a week or so, when I know how much I like it.

My review of the SKIN79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream:
I’ve previously tried SKIN79’s “Hot Pink” BB Cream and really enjoyed using it and the thorough coverage that the product provided along with the complements my friends gave me, noticing a big change in the quality of my skin. This product even many of my friends tried out after I recommended it and SKIN79’s “Super Plus” BB Cream to them.
It was a great success with my friends during a few months and then in the long run, most of them (along with me) didn’t feel like the product benifited them anymore. But that’s the way it is with skincare products sometimes, you need to switch them along with when your skin changes. Otherwise your skin quality might become bad again.

The Snail Nutrition BB Cream was a huge excitement for me. I never more than sample-wise tried a snail-BB-cream previously. But however this product disappointed me. The colour of the BB cream was a few shades too dark for my very fair complexion (which was fixable with powder, though so it worked using it), and the coverage wasn’t enough, and the product didn’t provide my skin with enough moisture, like BB creams usually do. Instead my skin would feel dry after a few hours and it didn’t feel like the product prevented wrinkles nor blemishes.
Needless to say, it’s my last Snail Nutrition product I’m buying from SKIN79. I really loved using (네이처리퍼블릭) Nature Republic’s “Snail Therapy BB Cream”, it provided much better coverage, evened out my skintone and improved my skin quality and the Holika Holika (홀리카홀리카) “Prime Repair Snail Cream & Ampoule Program” (with both Snail face-cream and snail mucus-ampoules).