Sheet mask time – Innisfree it’s real squeeze mask shea butter


Sorry the picture is pretty blurry!
The lighting in my room was pretty dim when I took this picture.
I’m right now enjoying an Innisfree sheet mask after a long long day. The Innisfree sheet masks are one of my favourite korean sheet masks. Also I’m listening to music in my room since I just got 3 Months of Spotify Premium, so that’s a nice way to calm down in the evening.  It’s right now almost midnight in Sweden. 

I’ve been studying today, quite a long since I had a seminar first and then had an essay to hand in. Next my friend Christoffer came by and he had bought me a jacket and a sweater, so sweet, right? I’m happy to have close good friends to take me by difficult days. And today was a difficult day.
I’m right now juggling work and studies at the same time and it becomes very stressful at times. Some people in my surroundings sometimes put a lot of pressure on my shoulders, even my parents at times. Not always, of course! I’ll be okay, no worries.

I hope you are all having a good day 🙂


Mamonde Flower Essential Mask Camellia Lifting sheet mask and Girls Generation Hair Couture dry shampoo


So in South Korea right now there’s a pretty new dry shampoo (and apparently it’s also a wig cleaner) out called Hair Couture featuring the girls from the k-pop group Girls Generation on the bottles. I have the dry shampoo in “Leslie pink” (featuring Sunny) and “Blueming”. Both of them have no colour, it’s just normal dry shampoo, there’s a third one which name I can’t remember and if I understood correctly it’s adapted for blonde hair and it does have some colour in it.

Also tonight I’m putting on another sheet mask, this one is the Mamonde Flower Essential Mask Camellia Lifting sheet mask. What I love about the Mamonde sheet masks is how they all have really nice smells~~

Mamonde Flower Essential Mask Rose Moisturizing sheet mask

Time for another sheet mask. This was given to me for free last time I was in Aritaum. This is the Mamonde Flower Essential Mask Rose Moisturizing. It smells delicious like rose and the mask has a lot of product on it so it really feels moisturizing on the skin. The mask is supposed to be on for 10-20 minutes to give the best result.


Sheet mask time – Mamode Flower Essential Mask


This evening I’m trying out the Mamonde Flower Essential Mask Pomegrante Anti Aging.
You’re supposed to leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes. I previously had good experiences using Mamonde products but I didn’t try this anti Aging sheet mask before. I’m aware I’m only 24 years old and usually people say you should start using anti Aging products after you turn 25 years or are older, but I’ve recently read many articles saying that to prevent aging signs on the skin it’s good to start earlier. And I have some worry lines on my forehead and wrinkles under my eyes so I thought why not try. Have a great day everyone!
I recommend sheet masks to anyone trying out Asian skin care. Most Koreans swear by the magic of using a sheet mask or more per week, and I noticed myself that it makes my skin look less dull, and I never got any side effects using sheet masks. Since my skin type is mixed/sensitive this really helps dehydrate the skin any day. Also it’s good for someone the day after drinking or the day before a date, it just gives your skin that extra bit of glow that makes anyone happy.

BB, Sheet Masks and London

Decided to finish my day off with treating myself to a Nature Republic Snail Therapy Sheet Mask. It really does to miracles to my skin, using a sheet mask twice a week. This mask has the perfect face size, so it at least covers my whole face, but the holes for the eyes are maybe at the most a bit too small.
It moisturizes, cleans and removes skin redness…

Also I’m painting my nails 🙂

I also am excited about buying a new BB cream that’s coming in the mail soon, it looks like this:

Tomorrow I’m flying off to London!
But the rest of the day (I’m flying in the evening) is going to be super stressful. As I have to go to court in another city with my family, print out my boarding card, but first buy ink for the printer, pack my bag decently, shower, fix my hair, make sure I packed clothes warm enough so I won’t freeze to death if I spend a night at the airport (my flight times are fucked up unfortunantely), exchange money to get GBP (aka British Pounds) and also check the mailbox if I’ve recieved my course litterature, an answer if I’m getting study-money (they wanted my grades from studying in Korea, and it’s really difficult to get a proper certificate, and if I need one I’m kinda screwed in getting it before the last date they’ve stated on the website for swedish study-allowance since I’m going to London and it’s impossible sending money to a korean bank accoun)t. Ugh.

However, I can’t wait until I’m finally in London. I’m so excited about seeing my friends Josh and Chris again, also I’m going to see if I can pass by Pete Doherty’s home (my friend told me kinda where it is and it’d be fun to meet him, if I have that luck, I used to be a huge fan of The Libertines and Babyshambles) and also I’m seeing CN BLUE along with Adam ( who works as a Youtuber. It’s gonna be so much fun!

I’m a bit worried about my sense of orientation though, I used to live in London, but that was 3 years ago…. So that’s going to be very interesting. Well, I just hope I don’t need to take buses, because if so I might be a bit screwed. I also can’t wait to go shopping in London, I missed it so much 🙂 I can’t believe I haven’t been in London in like one and a half years. Madness.

Arrived in the mailbox


Korean skin products;
* 3 Nature Republic Whitening Collagen dream sheet masks
* 3 Nature Republic Snail Therapy sheet masks (with my favourite male actor – Jang Keun Suk ❤
* 1 Foodaholic Collagen Natural Essence sheet mask
* Tony Moly Egg Pore Balm
* Samples from Hanskin

Sheet masks

Right now wearing the sheet mask in the picture above – Etude House Pearl Extract Sheet Mask. There really is nothing better than Korean beauty products, they make me happy! I absolutely love sheet masks, they really work wonders for your skin. I can’t wait to recieve the Nature Republic Sheet Masks I bought online a few days ago, I’m so excited for these masks:

I just had to buy the Nature Republic Snail Therapy Sheet Mask because of Jang Keun Suk being on the front cover. Also my previous usage of snail-skin-products have only benefited the quality of my skin a lot. And undeniably – Jang Keun Suk does have beautiful skin. I already tried the Nature Republic Whitening Collagen Dream Sheet Mask previously because I got it for free when shopping in Seoul, twice, and I liked it, so I bought some of those sheet masks aswell.