Tip: When Choosing Circle Lenses

Me and my friend are really huge fans of circle lenses and one point we strongly agree upon is;
* If you have blue or green eyes – choose brown circle lenses first!

Why? Mostly because the greatest contrast and difference you get when it comes to wearing circle lenses is with the brown coloured lenses. Since they’re much darker than your natural eyecolour it does make a great difference to your “look” which is really cool. Both me and my friend have tried different colours of circle lenses, and sure, we love many of the colours we’ve tried. But if you haven’t tried circle lenses before, try the brown ones first.

My first experience with circle lenses was trying out the black-edged ones and I was having troubles getting putting them in my eyes since I’d never worn lenses ever before january this year when I tried them out. So actually, the full time it took for me to put in my circle lenses was about 20 minutes per eye. The first time, that is. I mean, I was going to give up after 15 minutes on the first eye before I realised that my dad has worn lenses before, so then why should I be a baby about it and give up so quickly? Then I actually managed to put them in.
Then later in the evening I went to Etude House with a friend and I walked past a mirrored and thought “Who’s that person in the mirror looking at me with those freaky eyes?”, and realised I was staring at my own reflection. My make-up had smeared a bit and since I was wearing black eye-liner the result of the smeared eye-make up along with the black circle lenses made me look like THE GRUDGE. Hilarious, but not that fun when you end up scaring yourself a little.

Another tip is that if you’re not used to wearing circle lenses, it does take some time getting used to them and putting them in before you get the right technique in. So be patient. Very patient. It took me weeks before I felt comfortable not leaving an extra 30 minutes before school to get ready just to put in the lenses correctly. And also – don’t forget to use the eyedrops! Otherwise if you go out to a dark, warm and smokey club your eyes are gonna feel really dry and heavy and you might feel a bit for blindness for short short periods. Not fun. So to avoid this ever happening to you, ALWAYS bring along eye-drops. This is something that I myself forget. So it’s actually a reminder for me aswell.

As you might know my natural eyecolour is blue and if I wear blue circle lenses there really isn’t that big of a difference. They look nice to wear sometimes though. When I bought them it was my 22nd birthday and I was wearing blue thigh-high socks which I wanted to match with blue-coloured circle lenses. Clever, huh?

Oh! In my opinion it’s not actually circle lenses if they don’t have a black edge. I just think otherwise that the lenses look like normal coloured lenses. And if you want the dolly/cutie-eye effect, you do want the black-edged coloured lenses. The black edge of the lenses gives your eyes more of a striking Tsubasa Masuwaka/ulzzang-effect. Trust me.
The most obvious example of what they tend to look like when not worn is a bit like this;

Circle Lenses – Before And After

This picture shows my eyes WITHOUT and WITH circle lenses. Here you can see the big difference the lenses do to your eyes appearence. Click the picture to see it about 5 times bigger.