My last day in Seoul

I decided to blog my last day in Seoul when I was there in June. Follow me around through packing, shopping in Hongdae and getting on the plane in Incheon Airport!


Loving my hair today


I’m so addicted to watching videos with Essiebutton, the beauty guru on YouTube, these last days. She made a tutorial for doing your hair in a half messy curly style and it looks so pretty. I’m totally addicted to her videos and make up tips. I couldn’t sleep last night so I ended up eBay shopping a lot of make up. Woops? Now I’m waiting for 8 packages. Yep, that happend.

In other news I’m turning 24 on April 8th so it’s in a week, so I’ll be celebrating my birthday this weekend with loads of friends. I’m so excited ๐Ÿ™‚
Seoul is warm and there’s no longer a need to wear a thick jacket, or any jacket at all. I’m so happy, it’s really improving my mood.

Also here’s all the products I bought from eBay yesterday. If you see any you’d like me to review specifically please comment below:



Let’s Travel – Korea :)


Do you guys want some tips on travelling in South Korea? This blog is more personal, but there’s this professional Seoul/South Korea travelling blog that I’ve found. It’s called “Let’s Travel Korea”. If you want to find cosy places/hostels to stay during a visit to Seoul or find cool and interesting places to go during your visit to Korea, click this link and read:

On a side note, I’m currently so addicted to the korean drama “My Love From Another Star” with Kim Soo Hyun and my favourite female actress Jeon Ji Hyun. It’s such a good drama, I don’t know what to do when it will end… But that’s still a bit far away, luckily.
Lately I’ve been working a lot. And meeting friends, all the time, going out, keeping busy. I’ll try my best to write more make up reviews as soon as possible.ย 

BIG BANG doing an advert for FILA

The video clip has english subtitles. I can’t believe the boys were shooting these advertisement pictures until 3AM. I understand that they felt tired. Anyhow, this is another video clip of Big Bang being cute.

My three new favourite videos on Youtube^^

Okay so I was watching clips on Youtube of my favourite kpop band, Big Bang, last night and I found the funniest video of GD, T.O.P and Seungri. Basically, it’s T.O.P being awkward and lovable as he is. I love it so much because you hear the sound of the headphones flying away and then you see G-dragon just really tearing up laughing his ass off at it. ๋„ˆ๋ฌด ๊ท€์—ฌ์š”!
Check out the video-clip below;

The next videoclip that I found which really made me laugh is of Kim Hyun Joong (from the TV-series Boys Over Flowers and the kpop band SS501). In the clip he’s talking about which famous korean men that he would love being friends with because of their sexy voices, that appeal to him. The two people he choose are T.O.P from Big Bang (who doesn’t love TOP’s voice?) and Jaejoong from DBSK. And to prove what he means about liking their voices, he does impressions of them. It’s really hilarious. And it has english subtitles! Check out the clip below:

All iVIP’s are dying to hear any of the members speaking in english, right? And as the rumours go, GD and Taeyang seem to be the two members that speak the best english, right? Well, I found a video clip of my ultimate bias G-dragon actually speaking in english. AND he does have a small tad of a CUTE KOREAN ACCENT. Exciting, huh? Anyhow, the clip is subtitled, but it’s really not needed, you definitely hear what GD says, and he only does one or two small grammatical errors. So cuuute. Check out the clip below: