Small Review/Haul – Make Up Products I Tried In Korea

I first have to assure everyone that there WILL be more posts and that this is just very small part of the make-up I bought since I came back to Korea in January…


Etude House Lash Perm Waterproof Mascara

I really enjoy using this mascara, because it definitely lives up to the “waterproof” part. Just one problem – it’s tricky to get off. That’s why I after a while started losing more lashes and therefore went back to my old favourite make-up remover from Tony Moly “Tony Moly Clear Magic Lip and Eye Remover” (picture below), which is amazing. It really removes all waterproof mascara. I tried Clinique‘s waterproof mascara but I found that it does smudge, unfortunantely. It really made me disappointed. However, the Lash Perm Waterproof Mascara from Etude House stays on all day, even on the bottom lashes. Avoid rubbing your eyes though, cause that can make it crumble or flake a little. Also this product is well used, as you can see on the container, as the text from it is almost gone, so this is definitely one you can trust my opinion on.

IMG_6432 I went to a dermatologist here at a hospital in Seoul and this is actually the facial wash they use at the dermatologist department of the hospital. It’s Neutrogena’s Sensitive Skin Solutions Foam Cleanser and I really like it, it’s so soft on the skin. Since I came back to Korea my skin has been worse and this really helped my sensitive skin issue I’ve been having these last few months. It’s such a savior.


1. It’s Skin Aloe Toner:
This product is amazing. I also got it on sale and it was recommended to me by a girl working in the It’s Skin store. I explained to her the skin troubles that I’d been having lately and she straight away said that I should buy this one. Also it was the cheapest toner they had (around like 6000 won/6$) so I was a bir suspicious to it to begin with. But it’s amazing.
2. Skinfood Thermal Cleansing Water: This product works, but not to the extent that it says it should. The product is supposted to be able to clear off any make-up off your face but actually it didn’t do that at all for me, no matter how long I stood trying to get it off with the Cleansing Water. Disappointment.
3. Missha Perfumed Fresh Deodorant Aqua: The first week of using this deodorant I was really impressed by it, but all of a sudden, after that first week, it COMPLETELY stopped working. I definitely don’t recommend anyone else to try out any of the korean brand deodorants. I don’t think there’s any Korean deodorant product that really works on foreigners….

Nature Republic Collagen Dream 70 Eyecream

As it says it contains collagen, it’s supposed to give you that puffy eye-look that young korean entertainers have under their eyes, but I didn’t really see that much of an improvement on that in me. It does however make me look less tired, but I also notice if I’ve forgotten to use it. I don’t think I’ll buy this product again, by now it’s half empty, but that’s mostly for me to see if I can find an eye cream that is more suitable for me. It’s not very expensive, and worth trying out.

My Favourite Skin Products This Month – August 2012

Holika Holika Bulgarian Rose Emulsion
One of my favourite parts of korean skin-care routines is of course “emulsion”. And testing out the Bulgarian Rose Emulsion from Holika Holika is a delight to put on as it’s got a delicious smell of roses (not like scented candles, this products actually has a very plesant smell of roses). And of course it also fulfulls the best parts of an emulsion-product, it really moisturizes and it does make my skin a lot smoother.

Skinfood Gold Caviar Serum
I love skinfoods products as all of them are created out of something with “food”. This product smells very nice and not too strong, it’s feels silky on my skin and makes my skin smoother. Also I feel that it does relieve my skin of redness which is such a good think after washing my face in the morning.

Baviphat Miracle Snail Cure Ampoule
In general I usually don’t like that many out of Baviphat’s products that I’ve tried. But as I liked their “snail sheet mask” previously, I decided to try their Miracle Snail Cure Ampoule out. I started using it and immediately noticed my skin feeling renewed and how fast this product actually cures ones skin of redness. My friend was having skin-troubles with redness and when he tried it out he within 10 minutes noticed that half of the redness was gone. The product really impressed my friend in the same way as it made me delighted of it’s positive affects on my skin. I will definitely buy this product again in the future.

Bioderma for Sensitive Skin
So as some of you might remember a few weeks ago I wrote about impulse-buying this Bioderma product. And about a week ago it arrived in my mailbox. I heard so many bloggers fan-girling about this product and the different it made to their skin quality so I had to try out the product. When using this product you directly notice that it really clears your skin of any trace of make-up or dirt stuck on your skin. It really compliments my facial wash perfectly and I know now that my skin can be clearer because of this product. Secondly it really gives your skin a really refreshing feeling and it’s just a perfect make-up remover/face toner.