I really like Girls Generation’s new music video for their song “Flower Power”, however I still am not sure how I feel about the song. I realised whilst listening through the song the first time that actually, the louder you have the sound when listening to the song, the better the song is. But yeah, the song is called “Flower Power” and SNSD/Girls Generation seem to be air stewardesses on air GG (similar to their “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) MV)”. The dancemoves look pretty cool although I felt that towards the end it was a bit too much of the robotic moves, as they’ve already done it previously for songs such as “Visual Dreams”. I’m so happy about this Girls Generation song because for me it beats both “The Boys” and TaeTiSeo’s “Twinkle Twinkle”. But these previously mentioned songs I didn’t feel showed off the best of Girls Generation either…
Oh, and why did they make Sooyoung look really old (dress/jewelery make her look middle-aged) in some solo close-up shots? And it seems like they really went over-board with trying to make Sunny look like Tsubasa Masuwaka in this video, she looks so strange/plastic in her solo close-ups…
I really don’t understand the concept. Air stewardesses who have girl power, therefore they do other things on their sparetime such as… dance in front of a sign of a club/sit on the sidewalk/wait in carparks whilst dancing/dress like motorcycle chics?

Anyhow, to celebrate Girls Generation’s new MV for their japanese song I thought I should upload some high-quality stills from the MV “Flower Power”, which are all HQ and can be used as wallpapers for your computers. Just click the pictures to see their full size.


This is Nu’Est new music video for their cute song “Sandy”. I don’t really like the song, but I really appreciate the MV as there’s so many cute scenes of the band, and loads of aegyo^^ I especially like the scenes by the photo-machine at the end, super cute. Check it out!

I’m just wild and young

The best event of the day was the release of GD’s music video for “One Of A Kind”. I’m so excited about it. The song is really good and the video aswell. And if features fellow member for Big Bang – Taeyang. And Taeyang is skating in the MV. It really is a cool video. I can’t wait for the rest of the album to be released.
However! GD’s current hairstyle is not really something I approve of/like, having been a fan of his for years. The yellow hair worked when it was just a short fringe of his that was yellow, but now it’s a bit out of control. Sure it’s cool that he’s trying out every hairstyle possible, but this one, I can’t get to liking it at all. And in the beginning when he says “I’m just wild and young” it really sounds like he sings “I’m just wild annyong” (Annyong is “Hello” in korean).
Check out the very cool MV of “One Of A Kind” below:

GD – One Of A Kind

G-Dragon – One Of A Kind MV Teaser

I’m so excited about this!

Although, doesn’t it look a bit like he’s got really thin dreads? I do not approve of this hairstyle, at all. Love him no matter what though.

I can’t wait for the 25th!

I’ll try my best to screencap the teaser tomorrow.

Btw, I’ve got a surprise for you guys. It looks like I’m going abroad a bit mext month. I’ll tell you tomorrow why. I’m so happy about this!

Mnet Music Tweet

I’m sooo tired today, because I was up between 4-5AM (sweden time) doing this;

[On Air] Mnet Music Tweet?

Every monday to friday 11 AM (KST). Request, Watch and Tweet about your favorite KPOP Music Videos OR performances on Mnet ! Your Tweet Mentions will appear on the show’s subtitles ^^

It was really cool, they show these live performances of your favourite songs and artists.
This evening I saw BIG BANG performing “Shake it” (back in the days), MBLAQ performing awesome song “Oh Yeah!” and CNBLUE doing a cool rock-intro-version of “I’m a Loner”. And many more! Check it out 🙂

It airs at the link above at 11AM KST.