Bronzer skills, Blair make-up and Teen Top shoes

I’m still really sick. Ugh, it sucks so much. Also today to look more healthier I decided to learn to SUCCESSFULLY use bronzer and blush as a combo when doing my make-up. I’m using a Laura Key bronzer and my blush is from NYC. I did my make-up following tutorials by Tanya Burr (Youtuber) such as these below, but I put my own twist on my make-up. Tanya is a really cool make-up artist from the UK and I do recommend her make-up tutorials a lot!

How To Look Like A Victoria’s Secret Model

Blair Waldorf Leighton Meester Make-up Tutorial

Also, my big happiness today is finishing Mnet Global’s Teen Top Puzzle, so now I’m finally in the drawing for the Teen Top Custom Designed Converse shoes:

Also, I really am craving doing make-up tutorials again, my next desire of doing a make-up tutorial is of Orange Caramel, the girls look for their MV of “Lipstick”.


I’m so excited, for about 30 days now I’ve been doing Mnet Global’s Teen Top Challenge which is basically a puzzle you need to click a button for each day to get a piece for, and the prices are amongst others that you can win TEEN TOP designed Converse Shoes. They look amazing, and I’ve been drooling over them for a month now, so I’m really excited about finishing this puzzle so I finally have a chance to win them.
I will finish this puzzle tomorrow after 6PM (swedish time) and I just wanted to spread the happiness with you guys!

My Progress

I’m so excited about this Teen Top Wallpaper Challenge that Mnet Global have here;

Here’s how far I’ve gotten in the challenge:

The reason for my main excitement about this challenge, are the prizes you can win, aside from the wallpapers:

I think that the Teen Top custom converse-shoes look awesome!
I would love to win them, my current pair of converse-shoes are breaking apart…. :/ :/

Park Shin Hye, like a man?

Park Shin Hye, a korean actress most famous for her roles in TV-dramas like “You’re Beautiful” and “Heartstrings” did an editorial for a magazine called BEAUTY+. Doesn’t she look cool with a moustache?

“The focus of the photo shoot was the blue eyeliner, which was the winner of the recent survey for ‘a must try make-up color during this year’s vacation.’ Blue took 41 percent of the votes.

A Beauti+ staff complimented Park Shin Hye on her flawless and fair skin, which was so clear it looked photoshopped, and said, “Because her skin was so clean, it was very easy to portray the smoky eye make-up.”  Original Article + Photos from MNET Global

I do believe you

I was suuuuper excited about U-KISS comeback with the song “Believe”, it’s such a good song, and the dance (except for the “praying”-move, I don’t like it cause it’s so werid) is really good too.

Here’s the MV:

Here’s their comeback performance at M! Countdown:

Picture and the rest of the article is here;

About the liveperformance; listen to the crowd of girls going crazy fan-chanting, so funny, isn’t it?

I would do exactly the same amount of screaming if I’d been there though, I’m pretty sure.

U-KISS are really good live. REALLY good.