Ulzzang Shidae

Since one of my most popular posts made is the one I wrote in June called “Never understood the thing about ulzzang boys?” I thought I’d tell you about the TV-show I’ve started to watch called “Ulzzang Shidae”.

To start with you should understand the show so a few words are neccessary to understand:
Ulzzang = 얼짱 = Best Face (it basically means that you are “good looking”, pretty)
Shidae = 시대 = Generation (same as for So Nyuh Shi Dae which is Girls Generation’s name in korean, shi dae just simply means “generation”)
얼짱 시대 = Ulzzang Shi Dae = Ulzzang Generation

The reality TV-show “Ulzzang Generation” revolves around 6 girls and 4 boys, all famous over the internet, popularity they’ve gained through their personal websites where they post “best face” pictures of themselves.
The main purpose of the show, I think, is to show that the people behind the super-cute pictures really don’t look like that in real life without the quality of photo-editing and circle lenses. Some of them have even had celebrities contacting them wanting to meet them because of these pictures they’ve got on their websites.

I really strongly dislike the host of the TV-show because he really puts the young boys and girls (the youngest of them being 18 years old) in a really bad light, and even sometimes is too up front about what he thinks about their appearances. I know this is a korean thing to be open about, but he doesn’t do it nicely, as most other koreans do…

The thing that caught me about the TV-show is the characters, some of the ulzzangs are really charming and cute, and they are really open about plastic surgery and their heights and what they themselves consider as negative aspects of their appearances. Also it’s very interesting, I think, to see how young koreans within this “profession” interact with each other, and hear their stories.

If you’re interested in watching the show, here’s the link to the first part of the first episode with english subtitles: