Banila co. Golden Aloe mask sheet


When I was living in South Korea sheet mask were a part of my routine. Since they aren’t sold at all in my home country Sweden I have lost that routine. Now looking back my skin quality was better when I lived in Seoul and since I used sheet masks around once a week I wanted to get that routine back in my life.

This Banila co. sheet mask is supposed to have brightening effects on your skin and contains Aloe Vera and Golden Kiwi (you can even see specs of kiwi seeds on the actual mask). It feels a bit cooling and since it’s brightening it will help with the redness in my skin. My skin is dry and sensitive and I easily break out the last year so the aloe vera will help soothe any scarring from acne etc. Golden kiwi is also an ingredient with great brightening effects,  I’ve previously used the sheet masks from Innisfree that have golden kiwi in them which I’ve had great results using.  It should also help soothe any bags under my eyes from sleeping too little and working lots lately.

I hope everyone is having a great day!

Innisfree It’s Real Soya Milk Sheet Mask

Hey guys!
This evening I decided to try out the Innisfree “It’s Real Soya Mask” sheet mask. It’s a really cool mask, really drenched with moisture from the beginning so hopes really stood high with me for this mask. The mask has extra “patches” for the eyes, which I think is awesome since that really prevents dark circles under your eyes, and therefore it fits perfectly to wear right before going to bed, then you wake up refreshed and without dark circles/bags under your eyes. The mask smells really fresh and only has a slight scent of perfume, it’s a really soothing smell.
It brightens your skin tone, and makes your skin silky and soft. It gives healthy and powerful skin with herb complex water. This sheet mask replenishes under the eyes once more according to descriptions of the sheet mask. Due to it’s added layers it promotes that more of the essence of the mask absorbes to the skin.