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Do you guys want some tips on travelling in South Korea? This blog is more personal, but there’s this professional Seoul/South Korea travelling blog that I’ve found. It’s called “Let’s Travel Korea”. If you want to find cosy places/hostels to stay during a visit to Seoul or find cool and interesting places to go during your visit to Korea, click this link and read:

On a side note, I’m currently so addicted to the korean drama “My Love From Another Star” with Kim Soo Hyun and my favourite female actress Jeon Ji Hyun. It’s such a good drama, I don’t know what to do when it will end… But that’s still a bit far away, luckily.
Lately I’ve been working a lot. And meeting friends, all the time, going out, keeping busy. I’ll try my best to write more make up reviews as soon as possible. 

Today + CRAYON

Today I’ve had the worst cold in the world. Which started on friday. I just have been feeling really sick this whole weekend so that’s been a bit shitty. And my dad has gotten sick too. It’s quite funny that as soon as I get sick his immune system crumbles and he gets sick too. Every time.
Friday I saw the premiere of Resident Evil: Retribution at the cinema with friends. It was really surprisingly good. And eventhough it was packed full with action scenes, it’s definitely my favourite Resident Evil-movie so far.
Tomorrow I’m going to the doctor. The reason why is because the last two months my hair has been falling out in a much bigger amount than the normal hair-loss per day of a normal healthy person. So this really got me stressed on friday when even my dad stated that he was worried and that I really should go see a doctor about it. So I’m going tomorrow first thing before school.

Also! I started studying a course called Socialpsychology at University last week. I was accepted a bit late for the course, but it’s all good. The course is so interesting! My teachers are really good and interesting and I’m really enjoying the course so far. I’m excited for tomorrow’s lecture! The only current issue is that I haven’t recieved my course litterature yet and no studying-allowance. So my economy is low, which sucks. Well, there’s not much I can do anyway, having this awful cold.

Another thing making me happy:
G-Dragon’s MV for the song “Crayon (크레용)” is out! It’s really cool and actually funny/entertaining, check it out below:


I absolutely looove that GD has nice hair now and dresses up as my favourite female actress Jeon Ji Hyun ❤ (the last two pictures above)

And THE HEADBAND is back ❤ So cuuute 🙂

I also find it ironic that GD has the same style of bathrobe as Bam Margera does.

Time to review some of my favourite korean products – ETUDE HOUSE


**~**I’m starting from the left and working my way to the right in the picture above to avoid any confusion to anyone reading this^^**~**

Etude House Sleeping Facial Pack (Skin Brightening)
This product I was at first very uncertain about. I bought it from internet when I was still in Sweden and since it’s called “Skin Brightening” and my skin already is as pale as it possibly could be I was really unsure if this product could benefit me at all. This is also the first Sleeping Pack I ever tried – Sleeping Packs are never used in Sweden so I was crossing my fingers that this would help my skin.

And it did help my skin. I can notice a big difference from when I use it whilst sleeping and when I don’t. My skin quality in general has improved since I started using it. Also I think it makes my skin less red in the morning, which is such a releif, and something I struggled with in the past. My skin hasn’t reacted badly to any “brightening”-parts of the product and it’s just made waking up and looking in the mirror a nicer experience for me. I definitely recommend this product.

Dr. Oil SOLUTION Anti-Shine Dual Primer
This product I got when going into Etude House and asking the cashier to help me find a primer of some sort that helps against “bad skin” (my skin is very oily and sensitive at the same time, and I often used to get a lot of blemishes) and she showed me this product and another one. The other product she showed me was easily to dry out the skin, she said and therefore I went with this product. The primer from my experience has not, as I thought it would, helped keep my make up in place. But it has done the work it promises “to avoid making the skin shiny after applying primer and make-up”. Therefore it’s a product I’m satisfied with owning, but I might not buy again soon as I don’t see it making a huge difference to my skin’s appearence. The lid of the product has a very cute pot for cream to cover pores on the nose and I enjoyed using this product for it being so easily to apply and use without me needing to have previous experince speaking the korean language. It’s supposed to help with pore coverage, but in my opinion my “TONY MOLY Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm” works better for that usage, especially over the T-zone areas.

Dr Mascara Fixer for perfect lash
This clear waterproof mascara fixer promises create perfect lashes, with sesame extracts it promises not to weigh lashes down at the same time as making lashes lengthened and dramatically fuller. In my esperience this product definitely makes your mascara stay put for the whole day. It makes the mascara you’re using last a lot longer. Although you also preferably need a make-up remover of some sort to take it off easily. It does make your lashes look longer and fuller aswell and I am very satisfied with this product in every single way. If I were to grade it, it would be a 5/5. If you want longer-looking lashes and for your mascara to stay in place longer, then this is a product I definitely recommend.

Etude House Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum
This hairproduct smells amazing, promises to give an exceptional shine to the hair and also work as an anti-frizz serum. I bought it impulsively, needing hairproducts badly to get my hair from looking so awfully frizzy all the time. The product does give a nice shine, but the feel of the product is that it makes your hair look too oily and unwashed when using anything but a very very small amount into semi-dried hair before blowdrying. Does not look good if you sleep with the product in wet hair and then try to style it in the morning. I will not buy this product again. I have found hair products that are much more effective and less lacking than this one and if I were to give it a grade it would be a 2/5.

Tear Drop Eyeliner – 03. Shiny Pearl Tear
This product is really cool to use as a base for your eyemake up after using a concealer to brighten the eye. It really adds some extra spark and shine to your eyemake-up and it looks really cool. This colour is definitely my favourite out of the ones to choose from as it has a light white/pink/rainbow-ish colour. It looks really pretty and is easy to use. Also very fun to use at the corner of your eyes when doing a bright make-up with eyeshadows around the eye, as it gives the eye some extra pretty spark. Like a pearl!
Sometimes the product can crumble a little however throughout the day and dry out a little, but my grade for this product is still 4/5.

Woo~ Baby lip plumper
As soon as I saw this product I knew I had to try it. So it’s another impulse-buy of mine. I’ve never before seen a korean “lip plumper” however so I had to try it out. The product when used feels a bit like spreading toothpaste over your lips (this was also said by my friend when she tried it out). Shortly you’ll notice a big difference of the feeling of your lips after applying the product. I own the blue one out of the two ones. I was hoping to achieve some awesome Jeon Jihyun lips from this product, but that hasn’t happend yet. I haven’t noticed much of a difference, I guess when it’s on the lips it makes your lips look slightly bigger. It’s a really pretty lipgloss to carry along in your bag and also it’s BLUE – so it’s quite an awesome product. But to put a grade on it, it’s a 3/5, from what it’s supposed to do and how it actually works. I wanna try the coloured one too.

This is what I meant I wanted to achieve when I said “Jeon Jihyun-lips”, I guess maybe I was expecting too much of the product?;

BB Magic Mist
I wanted to try out the facial mist-thing as it’s something I’ve never seen used by anyone before moving to South Korea. Also as a daily user of BB cream I thought this type of facial mist would suit me the best. To be honest, after buying it, I don’t really use it often. I have some korean friends who use facial mist all the time, but I don’t see the point in it. I do however see a difference in using it after half the day has passed, as it does make my make-up look better applied than it usually looks after half a day of usage. It smells nice and supposedly you have to pat the mist into your face after spraying it, so it doesn’t smear your make up.

Dr Lash Ampoule Long & Volume
This product wouldn’t really have crossed my mind to use if I hadn’t seen the commerical with the girls from 2ne1 using the product. In my experience, the product you apply when you’re gonna sleep hasn’t made my lashes longer, maybe at the most improved their volume, but maybe this is due to my failiure to commit to this beauty product routine. The lash essence primer is quite nice to use though and sometimes makes a difference when applying mascara. For now I’ll score the product set a 2/5.

Etude House Sweet Eye Cupcake 3. Peach and Honey
I love this eyeshadow and it’s also one of the first products I bought when arriving in Seoul. It’s super cute and the colours mixed with each other in a half the lid brighter cream-white colour and other half of the lid pink peach-coloured, it looks really pretty. And, gives you compliments! I can’t count the amounts of times I’ve gotten complements when wearing this duo-eyeshadow. Many have told me also that I look like I’m doing a gyaru-make-up look when wearing this. It’s super cute and the cream-white colour is sparkly whilst the pink-peach colour has a more metallic shine to it. Combined together, both of the colours look really good. I’m definitely going to buy more of these eyeshadows before leaving Korea.

Bling Bling Eye Stick – 01. Shooting Star
This is a really cute alternative to using eyeshadow. It’s super easy and the colour I have is super cute when wearing it. Usually I use it as an extra accessory to my ordinary eye-make-up though – at the corners of my eyes I usually use a little of it. It can tend to look a bit smeared if you use it close to any crease of your eyes. I like the product, but I’m not a frequent user of it. The name of the shade “Shooting Star” is also the name of my favourite kind of ice cream from Baskin’ Robbin’s, it’s got the flavour of blueberry icecream with popping candy inside it. I definitely recommend it to anyone who has a Baskin’ Robbin’s in their town, it’s super delicious!

Missing U Hand Cream
I’m a happy owner of the two furthest to the right in the picture – Harp Seal and Panda. The harp seal smells a little minty and the panda smells like lovely peach and the panda is my favourite out of the two because of it’s nice smell. They both work really nicely for dry hands. The products are small enough to bring along in your handbag and therefore easily accessable. And also they are suuuuper cute!

Surprise Essence Concealer – 01. Light Beige
This liquid concealer is another one of my impulse buys. It’s really good to use if you get bags under your eyes as it covers that very well and if you use the product as a base for your eye-make-up it brightens the look of your eyes, making you look less tired and more bright-eyed. It’s super creamy, but in my opinion it doesn’t cover bad skin that well so I prefer using it as a highlighter for the eyes and the nose, and for that purpose it works super well. It’s definitely one of my favourite products I bought here.

Colour My Brows – 02. Light Brown
I’ve seen many videos on Youtube of people recommending to use this product as an eyebrow filler to make your eyebrows stand out more and look prettier. The light brown colour has a little glittery metallic colour to it. But as I have bright blue eyes, it made the colour in my eyes stand out a lot more. Therefore the eyebrow colour ended up looking really cool on me, even if it’s another colour than my hair. The eyebrow-wand is really easy to use and the shade of the eyebrow colour is really light. It’s very cool. I don’t use it every day, but I really like using it with some certain make-up types that I do. It does contrast really cool with my eye-colour so I definitely recommend it to anyone with blue eyes or blue eye-contacts^^

전지현 married!

My favourite korean actress got married today at Shilla Hotel in Seoul.
Her name is Jeon JiHyun, Gianna Jun or 전지현.
Many names for a beloved child, right?

I really wish I could’ve been at the hotel to congratulate her. She was truly stunning in her wedding dress.

Sometimes I really think Jeon Jihyun looks so similar to one of my korean friends^^

This is a picture of her today, on her wedding day 🙂
She looks absolutely amazingly stunning!
And so happy 🙂 🙂