Creepy doll look 2


Halloween celebrating today again^^
I think I got the doll look better this time than last week.
Halloween is so much fun! ❤
Do you like it?


Stress, Halloween & Fall Excitement

I’ve been really stressed out this past weeks. I had two final essays in completely different courses (“Asia and globalization” & “Socialpsychology step 1”) and I had less than a week to finish both of them. Basically I had about 5 days to finish them. Both courses covered over 2000 pages in books each I had to read and read over again. So yeah, that was… horrible. I’m still trying to calm down basically from that.
I should get paid by Soompi soon, the last article I wrote for them you can read by clicking this link:
Also I finally finished the essay making me available to search for study-money within the next two days. It’s all been stressing me out so much basically and now I can finally fix stuff like my phone-bill, which is a week late, basically, and pay off the money I owe my brother due to the really delayed studymoney.

I think I’m gonna try out the swedish version of Glossy Box for a month aswell, I’ll try to do a video-review of the products, when I recieve them. I assume that they’re gonna be very different from the ones you get in the US version of the site. I’ve been really excited to try the site out, because I saw a girl review the american site on Youtube and it looked really fun. Also, why not get samples/proper bottles of make-up for a smaller price, and the intriguing thing for me is that I won’t know what kind of stuff I get until I actually recieve the package.

Also I found this really awesome site (for people who can read hangul) which teaches you some awesome fangirly sentences in korean, the site is actually really cool, easy to use and also it’s super fun, at least for me, trying to learn/remember the new sentences (many of them related to kpop):

Oh! On the 20th this month I’m going to “Bubble Pop”, which basically is this club night in Gothenburg where they play kpop, and this month it’s supposed to be cosplay themed. Exciting! I’m gonna try to dress up as sailor moon, because I’ve got the most clothes for that outfit…. I’m just really unsure how to do my make-up for the club-night.

Also I’m planning for halloween, you guys! I really get into dressing up for halloween, but this year, I’m really lost in what I should dress up like.

To prove my point.

Last year I dressed up as Alice In Wonderland, but a “scary version of her”, like Malice or Alice in Murderland… My make-up looked like this;

And then the year before I went like the joker from “Batman”;

I have so much more to write about but right now I really have to go to bed! Sorry, I’ll get back to you soon. Thanks to everyone sticking with me^^ I promise I have surprises in the future for you guys! ❤