Girls Generation Yoona “Party” MV Make-up Tutorial

Hi everyone,
I’m enjoying summer and especially that Girls Generation released a new song! I got inspired by Yoona’s look in the MV and decided to try to recreate it, so here’s a tutorial^^

Disclaimer: I’m wearing eyelash extensions so that’s why I’m not applying mascara, otherwise I’d use the Innisfree microcara.

If you enjoy it or have any other tutorials you want me to try out please comment below 🙂

Products mentioned:
* Too Faced HangoveRx
* Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur primer
* Covergirl Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation “810”
* L.A Girl Pro HD Concealer “Classic Ivory”
* Etude House Aloha V-Line Slim Maker “01 Sun Gold/Warm Brown”
* NYX Baked Blush “Foreplay”
* MAC Mineralise Loose Powder Foundation “Ivory”
* It’s Skin It’s Top Professional Easy Loook Eyebrow Palette “01”
* L’oreal Instant Age Rewind Concealer “Fair”
* Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Mascara “Yellow Brown”
* Too Faced Semi-Sweet Palette “Coconut Creme”
* Chanel Le Crayon Kohl Intense Eye Pencil “Graphite”
* Aritaum Mono Eyes “88 Royal Purple”
* Etude House Cherry Tint “Cherry Hot Pink”
* Etude House Color In Liquid Lips “PP501 Purple In Pink”
* Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Make-Up Mist

Mamonde Flower Essential Mask Camellia Lifting sheet mask and Girls Generation Hair Couture dry shampoo


So in South Korea right now there’s a pretty new dry shampoo (and apparently it’s also a wig cleaner) out called Hair Couture featuring the girls from the k-pop group Girls Generation on the bottles. I have the dry shampoo in “Leslie pink” (featuring Sunny) and “Blueming”. Both of them have no colour, it’s just normal dry shampoo, there’s a third one which name I can’t remember and if I understood correctly it’s adapted for blonde hair and it does have some colour in it.

Also tonight I’m putting on another sheet mask, this one is the Mamonde Flower Essential Mask Camellia Lifting sheet mask. What I love about the Mamonde sheet masks is how they all have really nice smells~~

My night out with Cathrine

I never really go out alone with just my friends who are girls. I rarely just go out with one friend I know, but this weekend, I went out to a club in local Gothenburg with my friend Cathrine. We’ve never previously gone to a club just her and me, and we had so much fun! There’s like no pictures of our night though, so I can just show two below. Anyhow, we will go out again in a few weeks and I’m already looking forward to it^^

Our luck wasn’t on our side in the beginning, we went to a pre-party at a girl called Misha’s house and before that we couldn’t find our free entrence tickets for the club, that this night had a Halloween-theme. Turns out that this Halloween-theme dragged a crowd, so of course was it an hour just to get into the club. And it started raining, so awful. The club lended us umbrellas though. Two other girl’s came with us into the club, we had been a bigger crowd previously, but due to the fact that it was cold, raining and the enterence age was 22 years old at the lowest, people kinda fell off on the way there.

We met so many awesome people inside the club though! Two men (I say men because their real ages was between 26-30 who were wearing these full upper body masks as older men, so that’s the last picture I have of the night). Also I met an old classmate from college, where I was studying Social Science-Journalism – Anton. So we talked about friends and memories a while which was a laugh. I hadn’t seen him in like 3-4 years.

We danced a lot, talked to so many people and had drink and so much fun. Cathrine got engaged to a random guy at the club (for fun, he just gave her his silver ring), that silver ring he later forgot about, as did Cath, so when we were outside we realised we wouldn’t see him anymore (and the club had closed).

Some swedish people are truly stupid though, but it was really great having a girl to make fun of them with, like one girl we talked to looked like she was dressed up as Alice Cooper. I mean, everyone knows who he is and what he looks like. She had black around her eyes and drawn crosses over her eyelids. But she told me that she was dressed as Snape from Harry Potter, expaining this and showing me a black (looooong-haired) wig she’d worn previously during the evening. Not really looking like Snape at all. Then Cath told her that she looked like Alice Cooper and she just gave us this totally blank look showing off that she truly had no idea who we were talking about. And remember that she’s at least 22, cause that was the age-limit that evening.

Also two girls, not dressed up Halloween-esque at all, stopped us and went “Ooooh, you guys look so cool! Good outfits! But we have to ask you… Do you really think you look sexy dressed up for Halloween like that? I mean, I would never do it, but it’s cool that you do”. I hate lame people. I mean, you’re not supposed to dress in a little black dress for a halloween-themed club night. And then showing off how obviously desperate for men to notice them and insecure they are in theirselves by trying to question our intentions of dressing up for the Halloween theme?




Of course these girls that I’m talking about had had more blonde hairdye and fake-tan on them in the last months than they had braincells, so obviously I shouldn’t be expecting much. I really hate girls who totally degrade themselves to appear sexy for boys. Especially their confidence in themselves especially when it comes to hiding any sign of intelligence and even changing the way they talk to sound like they are “mean girls”. Also the ones that don’t even try to be nice and just keep staring at you in disgust for no reason for hours almost nonstop when you talk to their friends.

Anyhow. I’ve done it to, but I was like 12 at the time, so yeah, glad I got that out of my way. And didn’t keep that awful personality that these girls actually adapt into having.

Rant over.

“We Bring The Boys Out!” (I love quoting Girls Generation lyrics for this photo)
BTW, we are both wearing Tsubasa Masuwaka circle lenses, the Princess Mimi circle lenses, Cathrine wearing grey ones (“Cafe Cappuchino Gray”) and me wearing brown (“Bambi Series Chocolate Brown”).


I really like Girls Generation’s new music video for their song “Flower Power”, however I still am not sure how I feel about the song. I realised whilst listening through the song the first time that actually, the louder you have the sound when listening to the song, the better the song is. But yeah, the song is called “Flower Power” and SNSD/Girls Generation seem to be air stewardesses on air GG (similar to their “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) MV)”. The dancemoves look pretty cool although I felt that towards the end it was a bit too much of the robotic moves, as they’ve already done it previously for songs such as “Visual Dreams”. I’m so happy about this Girls Generation song because for me it beats both “The Boys” and TaeTiSeo’s “Twinkle Twinkle”. But these previously mentioned songs I didn’t feel showed off the best of Girls Generation either…
Oh, and why did they make Sooyoung look really old (dress/jewelery make her look middle-aged) in some solo close-up shots? And it seems like they really went over-board with trying to make Sunny look like Tsubasa Masuwaka in this video, she looks so strange/plastic in her solo close-ups…
I really don’t understand the concept. Air stewardesses who have girl power, therefore they do other things on their sparetime such as… dance in front of a sign of a club/sit on the sidewalk/wait in carparks whilst dancing/dress like motorcycle chics?

Anyhow, to celebrate Girls Generation’s new MV for their japanese song I thought I should upload some high-quality stills from the MV “Flower Power”, which are all HQ and can be used as wallpapers for your computers. Just click the pictures to see their full size.

School Of Rock

W Korea – School of Rock

Featuring After School’s UEE, NU’EST Ren and Minhyun

Vote for your favourite to win this months KPOP Battle! Decide from WooYoung, Leeteuk, HyoYeon and Psy!
Kpop Battle:​event/battle_jul.asp

LG 3D TV Commercial

This commercial is so…. strange.
It’s a commercial for a new TV launched by LG and it’s supposed to show stuff in 3D. And who wouldn’t we want to see in 3D but lovely kpop stars? This commercial features the stunning girls from SNSD, aka Girls Generation. Check it out!