UPDATED: My Love From Another Star – Yves Saint Laurent lips

jeon ji hyun lipsticks jeon ji hyun lipsticks2

jeon ji hyun lipstick3

As soon as I get enough money to buy these, I’m going straight to the Yves Saint Laurent counter in the Hyundai department store closest to my house. I’m totally obsessed with Jeon Ji Hyun and this drama. She’s so stunning. And these lip products are flawless on her, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll fit me as well. Right now the lipstick is selling out all over Seoul I’ve heard. I only used one lipstick from YSL before so I’m very excited to try this one.

What lip products Jeon Ji Hyun wears  playing the role of fierce actress Cheong Song Yi in the Korean drama “My Love From Another Star”:
Rebel nude Yves Saint Laurent Vernis 105 Coral Hold up
Tint Gloss volupte shade 203 Coral Gondola
Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick shade 52


Also there’s this way to do the make up only using Etude House products and save some money:
etude makeuppp

Products used: 
* Etude House Dear My Blooming Lipstick RD304
* Etude House Woo~ Baby Lip Plumper #1

Another recommended product is the IOPE Water Fit Lipstick in shade #44 Forever Pink:
jeon ji hyun iope

Note: Currently Aritaum (korean make-up store) and IOPE ( make-up brand) are making a lot of commercials with Jeon Ji Hyun, about My Love From Another Star styled make-up. They’re selling their products like crazy, I checked the store in local Hongdae and they’re all out of the lipsticks. I’ll update whenever I get my hands on one of these.

Extra fun!

Here’s a few of the products that Jeon Ji Hyun/Cheon Song Yi uses that I’ve bought:

DISCLAIMER: I did not edit these pics below at all so you can see it’s the real Products.

Hanyul Rice Essential Skin Softener and Hanyul Optimising Serum

Hanyul Ja Woon Dan Moisturising Cure Balm
027 030

Lolita Lempicka Mon Rouge lipstick in the shade “11”
017 019

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture “52”

IOPE Water Fit Lipstick “44 Forever Pink”
IMG_0816 IMG_0820

Swatches below of the YSL lipstick and the IOPE lipstick
ysl lipstick 52 and iope lipstick 44

Let’s Travel – Korea :)


Do you guys want some tips on travelling in South Korea? This blog is more personal, but there’s this professional Seoul/South Korea travelling blog that I’ve found. It’s called “Let’s Travel Korea”. If you want to find cosy places/hostels to stay during a visit to Seoul or find cool and interesting places to go during your visit to Korea, click this link and read:

On a side note, I’m currently so addicted to the korean drama “My Love From Another Star” with Kim Soo Hyun and my favourite female actress Jeon Ji Hyun. It’s such a good drama, I don’t know what to do when it will end… But that’s still a bit far away, luckily.
Lately I’ve been working a lot. And meeting friends, all the time, going out, keeping busy. I’ll try my best to write more make up reviews as soon as possible. 

Korean Skincare Order – which goes first?

Here’s my easy instructions to the asian/korean 5-step skincare routine:

1. Cleansing —> 2. Massage & mask —> 3. Tone —> 4. Essence —> 5. Moisturize

1. Cleansing
Never go to sleep with your makeup still on!
Cleanse your face and also make sure to use make-up remover to avoid dirt still clinging on to your skin.

2. Massage & Mask
Facial massage is the secret to glowing skin, therefore apply a massage pack or cream and massage your face.

A facial massage improves blood circulation and is a great stress reliever! Facial massages also stimulates the flow of oxygen and nutrients to improve the elasticity of your skin. The skin temperature goes up and that opening pores which push out the dirt in the skin.

Incorporate a facial massage into your beauty regime at least 2 – 3 times a week for visible results.
Facial massages does not do any good for oily skin, so refrain from doing it if you suffer from oily skin!

Instead! Use a face mask; my favourites are of course the sheet masks, also many of my friends enjoy using them!

Facial masks should be applied 1 – 2 times a week, after cleansing and preferably at night.

3. Toner/Facial Freshener
Choose a toner that suits your skintype, it’s very vital. I’ve chosen wrong so many times. If you’re in Korea, take the help of someone working in the stores, they really know their stuff, otherwise just test your way to the perfect toner for you.

4. Essence/serum
Essence or serums are very light, liquid concentrates that treat and correct skin problems. Essence is easier absorbed and penetrates deep into your skin, better than regular moisturizers. For best results, wait 5 minutes after applying serums before applying your moisturizer to allow maximum absorption.

5. Moisturize
Use a moisturizer for cream that suits your skin type well!
Start off with emulsion,  wait for it to be absorbed by your skin and then top it off with skin cream or face moisturiser 🙂
Emulsion is the best, especially when used on the side of skincreams and moisturizers 🙂

The more you pay attention to taking care of your skin, the better it can look, honestly. Good glowing skin does not come by being lazy and korean women are really serious about skin care.
I wish you the best of luck in the future with your skincare!

전지현 married!

My favourite korean actress got married today at Shilla Hotel in Seoul.
Her name is Jeon JiHyun, Gianna Jun or 전지현.
Many names for a beloved child, right?

I really wish I could’ve been at the hotel to congratulate her. She was truly stunning in her wedding dress.

Sometimes I really think Jeon Jihyun looks so similar to one of my korean friends^^

This is a picture of her today, on her wedding day 🙂
She looks absolutely amazingly stunning!
And so happy 🙂 🙂