Sheet mask time – Mamode Flower Essential Mask


This evening I’m trying out the Mamonde Flower Essential Mask Pomegrante Anti Aging.
You’re supposed to leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes. I previously had good experiences using Mamonde products but I didn’t try this anti Aging sheet mask before. I’m aware I’m only 24 years old and usually people say you should start using anti Aging products after you turn 25 years or are older, but I’ve recently read many articles saying that to prevent aging signs on the skin it’s good to start earlier. And I have some worry lines on my forehead and wrinkles under my eyes so I thought why not try. Have a great day everyone!
I recommend sheet masks to anyone trying out Asian skin care. Most Koreans swear by the magic of using a sheet mask or more per week, and I noticed myself that it makes my skin look less dull, and I never got any side effects using sheet masks. Since my skin type is mixed/sensitive this really helps dehydrate the skin any day. Also it’s good for someone the day after drinking or the day before a date, it just gives your skin that extra bit of glow that makes anyone happy.


I’ve hear really great things lately about this skincare product called Bioderma. Especially the product in the picture above. It works as a facial cleaner, make-up remover, toner and also it provides a refreshing nature to your skin. It’s a french product so I had to buy it through eBay, but in general people have been so impressed by this product lately that I had to buy it to test it out. I’m hoping for amazing results!

I will review the product as soon as I’ve used it for about a week, and then I might put the post under “How To Achieve Clear Skin”, but right now I’ll keep this post under “Blog Posts”.

Here’s a girl reviewing the products shortly on Youtube, she talks about Bioderma at 9:55 in the video below: