Current favourite make up products 

  For a Kylie Jenner esque look;

* Naked2 palette eyeshadows “Tease” in the crease and “Foxy” on the lid and below the eyebrow for highlight 

* Naked2 lipliner – I love this, this is so amazing

* Mac viva glam 2 lipstick (it’s the nude shade

* Anastasia dipbrow pomade – in the shade “medium brown”/ Anastasia brow duo in “medium brown” for a more natural look

* The Face Shop power Perfection BB cream in the shade “01 light beige”

Another fab make up look;

* MAC Matchmaster foundation (my shade is 1.0, I’m very pale)

* Too Faced Semi-Sweet Palette “coconut cream” as a base, “peanut” in the crease and “nutmeg” on te eyelid. Complete the look with the glittery pink in the middle of the lid and winged eyeliner

* Milani Blush in the shade “Romantic Rose”

* Naked2 lipliner on the upper lip(fill it in)

* Naked (yep I have both of the Naked lipliners) lipliner on the bottom lip (also fill that in)

Also side note;

I’m getting lots of compliments on my perfume lately. My favourite perfume that I wear almost every day lately is Viktor & Rolf Bonbon. It smells so delicious~ both men and women compliment on it so it’s popular both among boys and girls 😉

Snail Nutrition??

I love eBay shopping. I reciently bought this SKIN79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream, and it just arrived in my mailbox today. The previous snail-skin-products I’ve tried have really benifited the quality of my skin, so I’m excited to see how this one will work! I will write a full review on the product after a week or so, when I know how much I like it.

My review of the SKIN79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream:
I’ve previously tried SKIN79’s “Hot Pink” BB Cream and really enjoyed using it and the thorough coverage that the product provided along with the complements my friends gave me, noticing a big change in the quality of my skin. This product even many of my friends tried out after I recommended it and SKIN79’s “Super Plus” BB Cream to them.
It was a great success with my friends during a few months and then in the long run, most of them (along with me) didn’t feel like the product benifited them anymore. But that’s the way it is with skincare products sometimes, you need to switch them along with when your skin changes. Otherwise your skin quality might become bad again.

The Snail Nutrition BB Cream was a huge excitement for me. I never more than sample-wise tried a snail-BB-cream previously. But however this product disappointed me. The colour of the BB cream was a few shades too dark for my very fair complexion (which was fixable with powder, though so it worked using it), and the coverage wasn’t enough, and the product didn’t provide my skin with enough moisture, like BB creams usually do. Instead my skin would feel dry after a few hours and it didn’t feel like the product prevented wrinkles nor blemishes.
Needless to say, it’s my last Snail Nutrition product I’m buying from SKIN79. I really loved using (네이처리퍼블릭) Nature Republic’s “Snail Therapy BB Cream”, it provided much better coverage, evened out my skintone and improved my skin quality and the Holika Holika (홀리카홀리카) “Prime Repair Snail Cream & Ampoule Program” (with both Snail face-cream and snail mucus-ampoules).

Japanese Eye makeup

I just tried out this japanese inspired kawaii-esque eye make up. Cute, huh?
I’m gonna try to actually do it properly and fix my whole face and make up both the eyes like this for school tomorrow.
I love playing with make up, it’s so much fun! And no doubt the thing, except food/drinks and last minute-cravings (food, make up, clothes, circle lenses), that I spend the most money on here.
I really love Korea. It’s so awesome.
Since my friend Vanessa works for a japanese company and speaks japanese I think I’m kind of picking up on some stuff. Today when watching “My Girlfriend is an Agent” with Carole, Irene and Mikael I realised I understood the few japanese words and sentences that are actually used in the movie. Wicked. I really wanna learn to speak both japanese and korean, I think. It’s so much fun^^
Asian languages in general are really interesting to learn. Just pronouncing chinese – I love that, I try but I’m really bad at it of course, if a friend is around who speaks chinese, that is.

Oh, btw, this is the video from where I got the inspiration for the make up, although I did it a bit differently and added some things to it, although you can’t really see it in the picture…

Because I’m more korean than you

Yesterday I had a moment of hating the shitty rainy weather and also suffering because the quality of my skin isn’t as good as I want it to be (which is “flawless”). So I bought some pills that are supposed to be good to eat to clear up your skin. Then I went to Holika Holika in the pouring rain and they had a 30% discount going so I thought I should only buy a new BB cream there since mine is running out. The woman in the shop greeted me and then told some something like “Oh your skin is horrible!! We need to fix this!! I have to help you!” and then starts pointing out this Snail cream they had. Also she showed me pictures of the progress of the product, very professionally and expressed her sympathy for my problem. I couldn’t help it, I had to buy it.
So now I’m trying out this snail mucus based cream for my face that is supposed to clear and heal and regenerate the skin to make it look better. I’ve read about it in the past and I heard that both koreans and japanese people are crazy about it.

So here’s hoping I’ll look better, healthier and happier within a month when my face is used to the product.
I’m crossing my fingers!

This is also the korean make up brand that CN Blue are doing commercials for, I got this poster in one of the stores during one of my first weeks in Korea and now it’s hanging in my room on the inside of my door;