Dolly eyes



Circle lenses and wavy hair


I just recently bought an amazing curling iron from Remington, and it really increases the doll feel ten wearing circle lenses. What do you guys think? I think the curly hair makes me look a bit more grown-up~~~~

My Halloween Outfit/Look


Creepy doll^^

This was such a fun look to do 🙂

Comfort Shopping – Circle Lenses

I just went online on Korea BIG Eyes website and I have just been craving to buy new circle lenses ever since I got back from Korea in June, so now was the perfect time to do it. I bought two pairs.

Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown

Mimi Cafe Cappucino Grey

I accidentally lost my brown lenses I was wearing all the time in Korea during my last month there, so I definitely felt that I needed some new brown ones. Also I’ve been dying to try out wearing grey lenses, and the ones above got a really good review, so I thought I should try them out. I really want to try to get that vampy look the girls from 4Minute have in their music video for the song “Volume Up”. And the grey lenses will really help me with that. They also look really cool so I’m really excited about them. They’ll arrive in 12-20 working days so I’ll have to wait a while for them, but it’s definitely worth it because I only had to pay 5$ for the shipping instead of 30$, so I felt that it was the better choice.
Also the lenses are designed by Tsubasa Masuwaka, so I’ll get some awesome dolly eyes I presume, once I try them on.

I’ll do a review on the lenses as soon as they arrive 🙂

Gyaru hair

I got inspired by Tsubasa Masuwaka and the other gyaru girls awesome curls in their hairstyles and did my own twist on it. I kinda failed on the curling part because of my lack of a curling iron and patience. This was therefore done with a straightening iron and lack of patience. But I think it turned out really nicely.

Japanese Eye makeup

I just tried out this japanese inspired kawaii-esque eye make up. Cute, huh?
I’m gonna try to actually do it properly and fix my whole face and make up both the eyes like this for school tomorrow.
I love playing with make up, it’s so much fun! And no doubt the thing, except food/drinks and last minute-cravings (food, make up, clothes, circle lenses), that I spend the most money on here.
I really love Korea. It’s so awesome.
Since my friend Vanessa works for a japanese company and speaks japanese I think I’m kind of picking up on some stuff. Today when watching “My Girlfriend is an Agent” with Carole, Irene and Mikael I realised I understood the few japanese words and sentences that are actually used in the movie. Wicked. I really wanna learn to speak both japanese and korean, I think. It’s so much fun^^
Asian languages in general are really interesting to learn. Just pronouncing chinese – I love that, I try but I’m really bad at it of course, if a friend is around who speaks chinese, that is.

Oh, btw, this is the video from where I got the inspiration for the make up, although I did it a bit differently and added some things to it, although you can’t really see it in the picture…