The Heirs (상속자들) Park Shin Hye/Cha Eun-sang outfit

I just starter re-watching the Korean drama serie The Heirs. I love the drama and today I actually went out dressed as Park Shin Hye’s character in the drama.

This is the look I copied;


And this is my outfit today;

I’m wearing;

* a plain grey tee from Ginatricot

* a light blue jeans shirt from Forever21

* a silver necklace from Glitter

* a bracelet from Topshop in gold with cat ears

* Benefit’s Posietint and Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in the shade 52~
I hope you enjoy this look! 

I wore this with a pair of boots (in the drama she usually wears Converse shoes) and dark blue jeans (which u can’t see in the picture).

MISSHA Signature Volume Brightening Concealer


I bought this MISSHA Signature Volume Brightening Concealer in shade #21 as an impulse buy on my way to school when I realised I forgot my concealer on a “tired looking face”-day and forgot my other concealers at home. I’m totally addicted to buying concealers since I’m always on the hunt to find the perfect concealer. This concealer is really good for under-eye circles and doesn’t really crease under the eyes. However for concealing blemishes it doesn’t work as well as the Holika Holika Naked Face Cover Up Concealer which has SPF30 and PA+++. Mine is in the shade #01.

Mamonde Flower Essential Mask Rose Moisturizing sheet mask

Time for another sheet mask. This was given to me for free last time I was in Aritaum. This is the Mamonde Flower Essential Mask Rose Moisturizing. It smells delicious like rose and the mask has a lot of product on it so it really feels moisturizing on the skin. The mask is supposed to be on for 10-20 minutes to give the best result.


Review of Tony Moly’s Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack


This massage pack has been raved about all over the internet by many many girls and beauty bloggers/vloggers so I thought I should give it a try.

It mostly known for its whitening effects, but I wanted to try it for its face clearing detoxing effects. The pack is supposed to be massaged into the skin and then left on for about 10 minutes and lastly washed off with warm water.

I included several pictures of the product. Mine was bought in a Tony Moly store in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea so there’s no doubt that it’s the REAL/AUTHENTIC product. I’ve heard previously that a lot of people who bought the product online got fake products, that don’t look the same. Therefore, please use these pictures below as reference to know that you got the real Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack since there’s so many scams that can happened to you when you’re shopping online. The pictures are all taken with my Canon EOS 650D DSLR, so just click the picture to get the full sized photos.

Pros with the Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack:
* It does show whitening effects straight away
* My skin feels softer and looks clearer after
* It does improve my skin quality and defy a lot of the redness I usually have in my skin on a day-to-day basis
* The product formula doesn’t tense the skin up or irritate the skin
* The product does last a long time, so you get a lot of product for your money
* I would definitely buy this product again or recommend it to a friend
* Price, it’s pretty cheap, only 9800 KRW

Cons with the Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack:
* The whitening effect only stays a few hours, whereas the redness soothing effect stays longer on the skin
* Since it detoxes skin it can break you out, but if your skin is dirty, the dirt sometimes needs to come out, and not fry away into the skin, and this way is probably a lot healthier for your skin than salicylic acid and other acne treatment ingredients.

Here’s some more pictures of the product:

IMG_0302 IMG_0303 IMG_0304 IMG_0306 IMG_0305

Finally, since my skin already is so pale, this is not a product that I will buy again.

UPDATED: My Love From Another Star – Yves Saint Laurent lips

jeon ji hyun lipsticks jeon ji hyun lipsticks2

jeon ji hyun lipstick3

As soon as I get enough money to buy these, I’m going straight to the Yves Saint Laurent counter in the Hyundai department store closest to my house. I’m totally obsessed with Jeon Ji Hyun and this drama. She’s so stunning. And these lip products are flawless on her, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll fit me as well. Right now the lipstick is selling out all over Seoul I’ve heard. I only used one lipstick from YSL before so I’m very excited to try this one.

What lip products Jeon Ji Hyun wears  playing the role of fierce actress Cheong Song Yi in the Korean drama “My Love From Another Star”:
Rebel nude Yves Saint Laurent Vernis 105 Coral Hold up
Tint Gloss volupte shade 203 Coral Gondola
Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick shade 52


Also there’s this way to do the make up only using Etude House products and save some money:
etude makeuppp

Products used: 
* Etude House Dear My Blooming Lipstick RD304
* Etude House Woo~ Baby Lip Plumper #1

Another recommended product is the IOPE Water Fit Lipstick in shade #44 Forever Pink:
jeon ji hyun iope

Note: Currently Aritaum (korean make-up store) and IOPE ( make-up brand) are making a lot of commercials with Jeon Ji Hyun, about My Love From Another Star styled make-up. They’re selling their products like crazy, I checked the store in local Hongdae and they’re all out of the lipsticks. I’ll update whenever I get my hands on one of these.

Extra fun!

Here’s a few of the products that Jeon Ji Hyun/Cheon Song Yi uses that I’ve bought:

DISCLAIMER: I did not edit these pics below at all so you can see it’s the real Products.

Hanyul Rice Essential Skin Softener and Hanyul Optimising Serum

Hanyul Ja Woon Dan Moisturising Cure Balm
027 030

Lolita Lempicka Mon Rouge lipstick in the shade “11”
017 019

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture “52”

IOPE Water Fit Lipstick “44 Forever Pink”
IMG_0816 IMG_0820

Swatches below of the YSL lipstick and the IOPE lipstick
ysl lipstick 52 and iope lipstick 44

Merry Xmas, make-up secrets and new things


Hi everyone, sorry I kinda faded away from this blog for a while.

Right now I go to Korea University. My major is International Studies. I’m right now waiting for my final grades for this semester. I’m right now on winter holidays until March. Also I’ve dyed my hair a darker shade of brown, I got too bored with the blonde hair colour.
I’m right now living with two italian friends, Anna and Laura, and Anna’s dog (chihuahua) Bella. They’re so cool and so much fun. They have a blog about Korea in italian, check it out if you speak italian:

Make-up products I’m currently loving:
* Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
* Everything from Benefit (especially my Dandelion blush, its just the perfect colour)
* The Face Shop’s “My Lips Taste Like Cherry” Lipstain (the dark pink and the orange:y colour are both perfection, got the tip on the dark pink shaded one from my korean friend Sky, it looks amazing on everyone)
* Make Up Forever’s Concealer palette (as it saves my life and my face all the time)
* Missha’s Foundation Stick (my shade is 21, the lightest one, also a tip from a korean friend, Min Jung, if you blend it with BB cream your face looks so flawless, then just top off with, preferrably loose, powder afterwards)
* Peri Peri lipbalm in Sweet Peach

I’ve also realised that being away from my cat Bernard this long (I haven’t seen him in a year now) makes me really want to buy a cat here. And if I’m gonna buy a cat, I really want to buy a Bengal Cat. They look so cool and they’re so big and cute. Like small tiny tigers. I’d love that^^

Small Review/Haul – Make Up Products I Tried In Korea

I first have to assure everyone that there WILL be more posts and that this is just very small part of the make-up I bought since I came back to Korea in January…


Etude House Lash Perm Waterproof Mascara

I really enjoy using this mascara, because it definitely lives up to the “waterproof” part. Just one problem – it’s tricky to get off. That’s why I after a while started losing more lashes and therefore went back to my old favourite make-up remover from Tony Moly “Tony Moly Clear Magic Lip and Eye Remover” (picture below), which is amazing. It really removes all waterproof mascara. I tried Clinique‘s waterproof mascara but I found that it does smudge, unfortunantely. It really made me disappointed. However, the Lash Perm Waterproof Mascara from Etude House stays on all day, even on the bottom lashes. Avoid rubbing your eyes though, cause that can make it crumble or flake a little. Also this product is well used, as you can see on the container, as the text from it is almost gone, so this is definitely one you can trust my opinion on.

IMG_6432 I went to a dermatologist here at a hospital in Seoul and this is actually the facial wash they use at the dermatologist department of the hospital. It’s Neutrogena’s Sensitive Skin Solutions Foam Cleanser and I really like it, it’s so soft on the skin. Since I came back to Korea my skin has been worse and this really helped my sensitive skin issue I’ve been having these last few months. It’s such a savior.


1. It’s Skin Aloe Toner:
This product is amazing. I also got it on sale and it was recommended to me by a girl working in the It’s Skin store. I explained to her the skin troubles that I’d been having lately and she straight away said that I should buy this one. Also it was the cheapest toner they had (around like 6000 won/6$) so I was a bir suspicious to it to begin with. But it’s amazing.
2. Skinfood Thermal Cleansing Water: This product works, but not to the extent that it says it should. The product is supposted to be able to clear off any make-up off your face but actually it didn’t do that at all for me, no matter how long I stood trying to get it off with the Cleansing Water. Disappointment.
3. Missha Perfumed Fresh Deodorant Aqua: The first week of using this deodorant I was really impressed by it, but all of a sudden, after that first week, it COMPLETELY stopped working. I definitely don’t recommend anyone else to try out any of the korean brand deodorants. I don’t think there’s any Korean deodorant product that really works on foreigners….

Nature Republic Collagen Dream 70 Eyecream

As it says it contains collagen, it’s supposed to give you that puffy eye-look that young korean entertainers have under their eyes, but I didn’t really see that much of an improvement on that in me. It does however make me look less tired, but I also notice if I’ve forgotten to use it. I don’t think I’ll buy this product again, by now it’s half empty, but that’s mostly for me to see if I can find an eye cream that is more suitable for me. It’s not very expensive, and worth trying out.