Banila co. Golden Aloe mask sheet


When I was living in South Korea sheet mask were a part of my routine. Since they aren’t sold at all in my home country Sweden I have lost that routine. Now looking back my skin quality was better when I lived in Seoul and since I used sheet masks around once a week I wanted to get that routine back in my life.

This Banila co. sheet mask is supposed to have brightening effects on your skin and contains Aloe Vera and Golden Kiwi (you can even see specs of kiwi seeds on the actual mask). It feels a bit cooling and since it’s brightening it will help with the redness in my skin. My skin is dry and sensitive and I easily break out the last year so the aloe vera will help soothe any scarring from acne etc. Golden kiwi is also an ingredient with great brightening effects,  I’ve previously used the sheet masks from Innisfree that have golden kiwi in them which I’ve had great results using.  It should also help soothe any bags under my eyes from sleeping too little and working lots lately.

I hope everyone is having a great day!

Sheet mask time – Innisfree it’s real squeeze mask shea butter


Sorry the picture is pretty blurry!
The lighting in my room was pretty dim when I took this picture.
I’m right now enjoying an Innisfree sheet mask after a long long day. The Innisfree sheet masks are one of my favourite korean sheet masks. Also I’m listening to music in my room since I just got 3 Months of Spotify Premium, so that’s a nice way to calm down in the evening.  It’s right now almost midnight in Sweden. 

I’ve been studying today, quite a long since I had a seminar first and then had an essay to hand in. Next my friend Christoffer came by and he had bought me a jacket and a sweater, so sweet, right? I’m happy to have close good friends to take me by difficult days. And today was a difficult day.
I’m right now juggling work and studies at the same time and it becomes very stressful at times. Some people in my surroundings sometimes put a lot of pressure on my shoulders, even my parents at times. Not always, of course! I’ll be okay, no worries.

I hope you are all having a good day 🙂

Yesterday I had a great day out


I was out with many of my closest friends in Korea yesterday, and I felt so good about my make up, so here’s some pictures~

My hair looked very much like Kardashian sisters hair style when they curl it 🙂




Loving my hair today


I’m so addicted to watching videos with Essiebutton, the beauty guru on YouTube, these last days. She made a tutorial for doing your hair in a half messy curly style and it looks so pretty. I’m totally addicted to her videos and make up tips. I couldn’t sleep last night so I ended up eBay shopping a lot of make up. Woops? Now I’m waiting for 8 packages. Yep, that happend.

In other news I’m turning 24 on April 8th so it’s in a week, so I’ll be celebrating my birthday this weekend with loads of friends. I’m so excited 🙂
Seoul is warm and there’s no longer a need to wear a thick jacket, or any jacket at all. I’m so happy, it’s really improving my mood.

Also here’s all the products I bought from eBay yesterday. If you see any you’d like me to review specifically please comment below:



Let’s Travel – Korea :)


Do you guys want some tips on travelling in South Korea? This blog is more personal, but there’s this professional Seoul/South Korea travelling blog that I’ve found. It’s called “Let’s Travel Korea”. If you want to find cosy places/hostels to stay during a visit to Seoul or find cool and interesting places to go during your visit to Korea, click this link and read:

On a side note, I’m currently so addicted to the korean drama “My Love From Another Star” with Kim Soo Hyun and my favourite female actress Jeon Ji Hyun. It’s such a good drama, I don’t know what to do when it will end… But that’s still a bit far away, luckily.
Lately I’ve been working a lot. And meeting friends, all the time, going out, keeping busy. I’ll try my best to write more make up reviews as soon as possible. 

Merry Xmas, make-up secrets and new things


Hi everyone, sorry I kinda faded away from this blog for a while.

Right now I go to Korea University. My major is International Studies. I’m right now waiting for my final grades for this semester. I’m right now on winter holidays until March. Also I’ve dyed my hair a darker shade of brown, I got too bored with the blonde hair colour.
I’m right now living with two italian friends, Anna and Laura, and Anna’s dog (chihuahua) Bella. They’re so cool and so much fun. They have a blog about Korea in italian, check it out if you speak italian:

Make-up products I’m currently loving:
* Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
* Everything from Benefit (especially my Dandelion blush, its just the perfect colour)
* The Face Shop’s “My Lips Taste Like Cherry” Lipstain (the dark pink and the orange:y colour are both perfection, got the tip on the dark pink shaded one from my korean friend Sky, it looks amazing on everyone)
* Make Up Forever’s Concealer palette (as it saves my life and my face all the time)
* Missha’s Foundation Stick (my shade is 21, the lightest one, also a tip from a korean friend, Min Jung, if you blend it with BB cream your face looks so flawless, then just top off with, preferrably loose, powder afterwards)
* Peri Peri lipbalm in Sweet Peach

I’ve also realised that being away from my cat Bernard this long (I haven’t seen him in a year now) makes me really want to buy a cat here. And if I’m gonna buy a cat, I really want to buy a Bengal Cat. They look so cool and they’re so big and cute. Like small tiny tigers. I’d love that^^