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My Halloween Outfit/Look


Creepy doll^^

This was such a fun look to do 🙂

Hair-do like awesome Emily B

started off this day with a braid to the side, like a fish-tail braid but this evening half of it fell out. So now it looks like this^^
It really does remind me of Emily Browning’s hair in the movie “Lemony Snicket’s; A Series Of Unfortunate Events”. You decide!

I really like Emily Browning since yeeeears back, she’s so gorgeous and I love her style. Of course, she’s one of my favourite actresses.

MORE AWESOMENESS; I just received my package from Mnet Global for the work I did for them earlier this year. Awesome package right?
The package contained:
* BIG BANG – ALIVE Album GD version
* SHINee – Sherlock Album (Key tradingcard inside)
* SISTAR – Loving U Album
* INFINITE – Infinitize Album
* Super Junior – SPY Album
* Mnet Bag
* Mnet T-shirt
* 3 Mnet pens
* 2 Mnet post-it thingies

I absolutely love getting packages in the mail so I’m happy 🙂 Thank you so much MNET GLOBAL

I will ASAP write about my experience at the CNBlue concert at the Indigo2 in London on 120922, along with post videos of some of their performances. They are kind of bad quality but still, the sound is at least good^^

Brushes, hairstyles and eye make-up

Okay, so this morning when I was trying to make up my mind of how to do my eye-make up since I love trying new looks, and something that’s been making me annoyed these last few days is how easily I misplace make-up brushes. Annoying, right?
Anyhow, I was looking around for a special one out of my eyeshadow brushes and suddenly found this white and black-dotted eyeshadow brush unopened on the counter. Apparently I ordered it from eBay sometime in November/December last year and it arrived after I flew off to South Korea, so I never really recieved it. Anyhow, therefore I lined my eyes with blackgrey eyeshadow (where I usually wear eyeliner, but not in the eye, only outside the tear-duct). And it ended up looking really good, and best of all; not too much. And I managed to line my eyes perfectly with the thin eyeshadow brush so they looked a bit more “dollish”. Although, I realised that you can’t really see it too well in the picture above, sorry, I’ve been out all day with this make-up so it maybe got a bit erased.
Also I got a bit creative in the evening and did try a new hairstyle. As you can see in the picture above I have two braid crossed on the top of my head as a weird headband. This hairstyle-look is supercute and super easy to fix. If you have long hair. And if you’re good with hair-pins. My hair isn’t long enough to wear this, but if you’re clever with the hair-pins, then it still looks good if you’re hair is a bit too short. It really is so quick to fix, it takes less than 2 minutes.

Here’s a tutorial on how to do the “double braid hair band”:

Hairstyles and colours – 6 months in South Korea

It started off with a really really long fringe that really didn’t fit me.

I mean, honestly this is the only really good picture I have of myself from the beginning in Seoul, just like, the fringe-situation was just wrong for me, do you understand what I mean?

Also due to the high HIGH humidity and super-cold winds my hair just mostly looked a bit rugged, like in the picture here… No matter how much I tried to fix it. The day I took this picture I accidentally broke the zipper on one of my boots inside that changing room at UNI QLO, and I had to find a shoe-store that was open at 9PM. Which actually turned out not to be too difficult in Hongdae. I was so lucky though… I mean, my shoesize is 39, which in korean shoesize is maybe 245-250. Which is large.

In maybe february I got my first haircut in Korea, I’d decided to have a straight fringe again, for the first time since I was 6 years old. I looked cute, but it was impossible to fix when it was snowing and raining so often. Also the fringe was really itchy and I couldn’t stop pushing it to the side.

This picture was taken in the beginning of march, and then I’d gotten my second haircut in Korea, at Juno Hair (again). And finally my fringe looked/normal good again – such a releif. This picture was taken after the third BIG BANG Alive concert I went to in Seoul in March.

I tried having it wavy some days but it was difficult. I love using hairpins though 🙂

Then I dyed my hair dark-brown and it got really dark brown….

But soon it brightened up a bit and looked really good.

Within a month though, I was back on my “normal” haircolour and it was kinda medium-brown-reddish again… This is probably my favourite picture I’ve taken of myself during my whole time in South Korea. I’m wearing brown circle lenses, a top that HyunA wears in her “Bubble Pop” MV and my hair in a ponytail to the side.

Then it stayed on that same lenght for quite a while.

I also tried out Park Bom‘s hairstyle with the small bit of hair in a hairtie on the side. I also curled that bit of hair.
This is the hairstyle that inspired me;
And my hair grew longer….

I kept trying to make my hair look like Son Ye Jin‘s beautiful hair in one of my favourite movies – The Classic. Observe the picture below;

And my hair grew longer

The last week I spent in Korea (except for the last day when I got my hair cut because it was really torn) was really long. Guh, I miss it. So much.