The only heat protect spray I found in Korea

I’ve been living in Seoul, South Korea, over two years now but I only this last year found a heat protecting spray here. The Korean heat protectant spray is from Mise en scène and istället “Mise en scène Frizz Control Damage Care Essence” and contains Argan oil and camellia. Even on the back of the bottle not specifies that it does work for heat protecting. See pictures below. The product wasn’t expensive, I think I paid 7000-10 000₩ for it. I definitely recommend you try it if you, like me, use hair straighteners or curlers and hair dryers for fixing your hair.



Mamonde eye cream, EVO Easy Tiger and Mise en scène perfect repair

Since it’s getting warmer in Korea and also this weekend it’s been warm and raining and windy, my hair and my skin has been reacting. Here in Korea when it rains everyone is carrying an umbrella, not only does this make it annoying walking down the street because everyone’s umbrellas are hitting each other but also some don’t see where they are aiming it, so now it’s risky walking the streets because someone might hit you in the face with their umbrellas. The reason for everyone carrying an umbrella is since the air is so polluted from the yellow dust blowing over from China, also the rain is polluted and even many people say it makes you lose more hair/go bald if you don’t use an umbrella. I myself even noticed that I would have, ore hair fallouts if I didn’t use an umbrella on a rainy day during my first 6 months in Korea.
Also the last days I haven’t been able to find my eye cream in my room, so I went shopping.

I bought:
* EVO Easy Tiger straightening balm (my hair goes crazy from this humidity)
* Mamonde Nutrition Lifting Eye cream
* Mise en scène (미쟝센) perfect repair serum (for hair, in korean it’s called “퍼펙트 세럼”

Here’s the picture of the products I bought;


Mamonde Flower Essential Mask Camellia Lifting sheet mask and Girls Generation Hair Couture dry shampoo


So in South Korea right now there’s a pretty new dry shampoo (and apparently it’s also a wig cleaner) out called Hair Couture featuring the girls from the k-pop group Girls Generation on the bottles. I have the dry shampoo in “Leslie pink” (featuring Sunny) and “Blueming”. Both of them have no colour, it’s just normal dry shampoo, there’s a third one which name I can’t remember and if I understood correctly it’s adapted for blonde hair and it does have some colour in it.

Also tonight I’m putting on another sheet mask, this one is the Mamonde Flower Essential Mask Camellia Lifting sheet mask. What I love about the Mamonde sheet masks is how they all have really nice smells~~

Yesterday I had a great day out


I was out with many of my closest friends in Korea yesterday, and I felt so good about my make up, so here’s some pictures~

My hair looked very much like Kardashian sisters hair style when they curl it 🙂




Time To Review: Shiseido Ma Chérie Decoration Keep Spray

This product I bought in Seoul when I was freaking out about my hair getting to damaged. I was looking like a crazy person to find some kind of heat protection spray, but since the usage of hair straighteners isn’t an everyday thing for many korean/asian women, it just doesn’t exist. I know, from searching the web about my problem, this is a thing that many other foreigners also encountered when going to Korea and since I’m so dependent on using hair straighteners basically every day for my hair to look decent it’s not an okay situation. I wouldn’t stop using my hair straighteners, so I kept using them and without heat protection spray I just ruined the quality of my hair.

How do I know that I ruined it? Because I was told, twice, by different hair dressers. All of them male hairdressers. “Your hair is ruin! Your hair is broken!”. It really frustrated me a lot. Also I think that’s the point when my hair also started falling off more than usual, like I got more fall-outs from my hair when brushing it and even just when touching it to fix my hair etc.. So frustrating!
When I go back to Korea I really have to bring at least four bottles of heat protection spray cause if I run out of it, I’m just ruined.

Back then it was also difficulties for me to order the products online as my address was;
1. Not easy to write (as it was in korean)
2. I didn’t understand whether to write my address in romanized (english letters) or hangul (would the postman understand? and also – what non-korean person can write an address in hangul properly without knowing how to write the letters properly and seperately previously? So much confusion…)
3. If my address was written correctly (as one of my friends told me it was spelled wrongly, another said it was correctly spelled)

Anyhow, I bought the Ma Chérie Decoration Keep Spray as I asked a woman working in a store what to do about my hair getting damaged by hair straighteners and super frizzy. She must’ve misunderstood me because she promised me this product would help me. But it did not for that purpose as it is a HAIRSPRAY.

I can not stress this enough – the language barrier is difficult to come across and misunderstandings happen’ daily.

This hairspray however is really good as a hairspray, I’ve noticed through my time using it, and actually I find it better than a few of my western/american brand hair sprays that I own. I definitely recommend it, it does keep your hair in place.
It’s such a shame I haven’t been such a fan of hairspray previously. I’ve had so many difficulties using hairspray in my past because my hair is really prone to humidity so many hairsprays can make my hair curly from spraying it on my hair, and previously I’ve mostly desired as straight hair as possible so using a hairspray really didn’t help me. But this hairspray/”decoration keep spray” from Ma Chérie does to the job, without messing up your straightened hair because of humidity in the product (if you understand what I mean).

I am in general a fan of the japanese brand Shiseido’s hairproducts as the other hair products of theirs that I’ve tried have been really good. Maybe some of them are a bit pricey, like this hairspray was about 15$ (if I remember correctly, maybe 20$…) and usually I spend as little money as possible on hair spray.

I love that Ma Chérie’s hair products all are in different shades of pink and I love the pretty decorative pattern on this spray can, I think it looks kinda royal, don’t you? It’s so pretty, so just ofr the bottle I guess it’s worth spending a bit more on^^

Now lately I’ve started curling my hair more and it’s really been helpful having a good hairspray and I kind of wish I’d done that back in Korea too, but ah well, it doesn’t matter. I’ve realised lately how much I’ve been changing around my style these last few years. Which is kind of awesome, I love changing 🙂

If I were to give this product a score it would be an 8/10.
The point is only lowered due to the product being a bit high in price range.

Circle lenses and wavy hair


I just recently bought an amazing curling iron from Remington, and it really increases the doll feel ten wearing circle lenses. What do you guys think? I think the curly hair makes me look a bit more grown-up~~~~