Mamonde eye cream, EVO Easy Tiger and Mise en scène perfect repair

Since it’s getting warmer in Korea and also this weekend it’s been warm and raining and windy, my hair and my skin has been reacting. Here in Korea when it rains everyone is carrying an umbrella, not only does this make it annoying walking down the street because everyone’s umbrellas are hitting each other but also some don’t see where they are aiming it, so now it’s risky walking the streets because someone might hit you in the face with their umbrellas. The reason for everyone carrying an umbrella is since the air is so polluted from the yellow dust blowing over from China, also the rain is polluted and even many people say it makes you lose more hair/go bald if you don’t use an umbrella. I myself even noticed that I would have, ore hair fallouts if I didn’t use an umbrella on a rainy day during my first 6 months in Korea.
Also the last days I haven’t been able to find my eye cream in my room, so I went shopping.

I bought:
* EVO Easy Tiger straightening balm (my hair goes crazy from this humidity)
* Mamonde Nutrition Lifting Eye cream
* Mise en scène (미쟝센) perfect repair serum (for hair, in korean it’s called “퍼펙트 세럼”

Here’s the picture of the products I bought;


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