Impulse buys from Maybelline and Peripera

I just impulse bought some make up (I’ve been doing this a lot lately, woops?).
I got the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner. I was recommended to buy off from my French friend who always wears cool eye make-up styles. She told me that it’s the best for doing eyeliner and it stays on all night and doesn’t smudge.

I tried the eyeliner and after it’s dried it really doesn’t smudge at all usually. It’s an awesome product, just hard to remove and fix if you tend to make mistakes when applying eyeliner. It’s definitely the best gel eyeliner I’ve tried so far. I used to love the gel eyeliner from Tony Moly, but I prefer both the brush (that you get for free why the product) and the result of using the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. I definitely recommend it, it’s easier usually for me to use gel eyeliner instead of using liquid eyeliners.

Also I bought the Peripera “Peri’s tint balm” in the shade #2 Berry Pink. It’s really pretty and I like it more than the other shade that I own in this brands lip balm line. Definitely worth a try and it’s a pretty cheap product, and definitely long lasting. It makes my lips a lot smoother and less likely to get chapped.


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