Burgundy Eyeliner Trend

3ce burgundy
Awesome alert. I love burgundy. And so does most of my friends since beginning of summer. Its stunning on clothes, lipsticks/lip stains and….. eyeliners.
My favourite korean burgundy eyeliner is from the brand ‘3 Concept Eyes’, a brand sold in the korean clothing store called Style Nanda. The colour name is called “Cleopatra”. I’ve already gotten loads of compliments on the matching that looks like in the pictures below and above. It’s so pretty, right? Try it out and see how it fits you. This is my Year 2014 Make-up Must-have Product.

3con-CLEOPATRA-07(1) 3con-CLEOPATRA-07(6)

Also here’s a cool Youtube make-up tutorial on how to rock the burgundy look to an advantage. Stunning:

If you’re looking for the perfect burgundy lip product, don’t hesitate to check out the Etude House Rosy Tint Lips in the colour #8 After Blossom. The colour pay off is great, and as with any lip tint you have to be careful when applying because if you accidentally miss your lips somewhere it might stain there and you’ll have to conceal it. The product was not expensive, I think I paid less than 10 000 KRW. The colour fits anyone but especially suits anyone with brown hair.


I’ve also tried the Burgundy (the one that Girls Generation’s Yoona wears in the picture below) coloured lipstick from Innisfree, but I was not even close to satisfied with the colour pay off. So I definitely recommend the Etude House one, because the colour is flawless, even though it slightly dries my lips, but it’s totally fine if you put a lip balm on top.


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