“BIG BANG Alive Galaxy Tour in London 15th December

“Music needs them now”

BIG BANG were in London and we were of course there to review the show. The energy was blasting as soon as the sound was turned up and the sound of “Fastastic Baby” blasting the speakers made fans from all over the world scream as “Still Alive” starts and the big curtain onstage falls to reveal all the members standing in pods. Pods, as if they were sent from out of space to do this show. The space theme is vivid during the whole show, and reminds of other k-pop song styles such as EXO with “MAMA” and Girls’ Generation’s “Visual Dreams”.

The surprise for the audience today was that leader G-Dragon had dyed his hair, the previous concert day he’d had light-pink hair and this day it was back to the bright red hair he’d been sporting at Mnet Asian Music Awards.
Next song is “Tonight”, after that “Hands Up” and the energy from the crowd is blasting through the venue. Next up the band introduce themselves.

“My name is G-Dragon, we’re gonna make you scream tonight”

Taeyang follows up with “Tonight is fantastic baby” and pulls the audience into more screams as the familiar first tones of “Fantastic Baby” starts playing. The next highlight of the show is G-Dragon and T.O.P riding around the stage on blinged out Segways during “How Gee” which leads to “Stupid Liar” with the members pointing out different members of the crowd as they sing the chorusline.

The members do a bit of MC-ing and it becomes clear that some of them hasn’t really been training that much on their english, especially as Seungri tries out a british accent making the other members fold over laughing and then starts singing;

“The loof, the loof, the loof is on fire”
(trying to sing Bloodhound Gang’s infamous song “The roof is on fire”)

Daesung next exclames “London, it’s a big pleasure to meet” and Daesung, Taeyang and Seungri start teaching the audience how to dance “Fantastic Baby.” Seungri also says “Get your ass up” then confessing “I got a bad ass” which draws the crowd to laughters. Taeyang introduces the next stage which is his “homie” GD’s solo stage with “Crayon”, which draws Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri into singing and beatboxing the song as an intro. Seungri especially impresses with his beatboxing skills.

“Crayon” is colourful and it’s upbeat tempo has most of the crowd singing and dancing along, G-dragon ends the song by jumping to a setting position to lie down onstage to fix his trousers that seemed to be falling down. Next up G-dragon does his speach that he did for MAMA in Hongkong, then breaking into a song made from it’s content “Why you so damn serious, got your girl delirious”, which previously hasn’t been released.

GD & T.O.P’s stage commences with “Knock Out” and “High High” (GD makes T.O.P shake his “ass” during the last song, which is just hilarious) and after that they break into Seungri’s solo stage with Seungri shooting and shuffling to “Strong Baby” and “What should I do” which breaks into Nirvana’s hit “Smells like teen spirit” at the end of the song. Next up is their japanese song “Gara Gara Go” which after they finish they break into rapping. Next up is their only full english song “Number 1.”

With ”Cafe” the tempo slows down a bit with the more slower songs of this evening’s setlist. It’s also noticable for people seated that the band is actually reading a lot off their autocue screens, as both the lyrics for their songs and each individual members’ speaches are showing on the screens. At the end of “Cafe” G-dragon has the crowd sing along.

By this time there’s many people in the bigger standing section that are getting dragged out as the pressure is so high. The crowd is trying to get closer to the band, it was even worse than the previous day of the show, so therefore the band starts telling the crowd to stop pushing and move back. Next song is “Bad Boy” which ends with Taeyang ending it alone singing “I’m a bad boy”. After that they play “Blue” which ends with the audience singing a capella and T.O.P walking down the stage alone. “Love Song” starts playing and the bass can be felt booming through the floor of the standing section.

is a really dramatic performance which has Taeyang being carried by the dancers at one point and next up is “Feeling,” breaking down into Taeyang’s solo performances of “Only Look At Me” and “Wedding Dress” which has everyone screaming their lungs out. Taeyang does his thing and of course ends the performance by ripping his shirt off. Next is Daesung’s solo performance of “Wings” his smile is wide throughout the performance.

“Haru Haru”
is played as a ballad, the band is sitting down throughout the song and promises to return to London again in their speach afterwards.

“I really like London because the ladies are so beautiful and the gentlemen are so gentle”
– Taeyang

“Lies” has the crowd joining in to do T.O.P’s infamous pointing-dance-gesture. Ending the show was “Last Farewell.” The songs for the encore were “Heaven”, “Fantastic baby”, “Bad Boy” and “Feeling.”

left a good impression with the UK crowd and we are looking forward to their next concert in Europe!”

This is the article I wrote for THEHOTISSUE (click here for link to the original article and additional pictures from the gig) about my experiences of the BIG BANG concert on the 15th of December in London.

Other awesome thing’s that happend on the 15th December BIG BANG Alive Galaxy tour show in London;
* GD performed his “Why you so damn serious got yo girl delirious” rap (made out of his speech he did for MAMA awards and he ended the song walking back saying “Love ya” to meet T.O.P for their double-combo performances of “Knock Out” and “High High”
* After playing “Knock Out” GD & T.O.P did a rap that went like this:
T.O.P: GD in the house
GD: T.O.P is in the house
T.O.P & GD: V.I.P is in the house, we got a party going on in here
* During their “High High” performance GD made T.O.P shake his booty for the crowd whilst pointing at T.O.P’s booty exclaiming “Shake that ass!” to T.O.P
* Seungri shuffled during “Strong Baby” and at the end of “What Should I Do” they added a stick from “Smells like teen spirit” by Nirvana (only the music, not him singing)
* At the end of “Number 1” GD did a cute kick-dancemove
* For “Feeling” G-dragon actually did a robot dance
* G-dragon kept cracking up because he was ashamed of Seungri’s english
* Before the encores started you could hear Taeyang singing Linkin Park/Jay-Z’s song, later also Seungri sang a Linkin Park song (I think it might’ve been the same one) “Encore”; “What the hell are you waiting for, can we get an encore, do you want more?”
* During “Heaven” T.O.P was wearing his big impressive hat
* Daesung also said “UK love you so much, thank you”
* During “Fantastic Baby” both GD and Seungri were wearing a santa hat they got from a fan, and T.O.P sat down in front of the camera showing loads of his charm all over the camera screens for the crowd, he sat down for quite a long time, but it was really cool seeing him on the screen showing off his charm

I got quite a lot of fanservice during the gig on the 14th (especially from T.O.P and Daesung, I was standing in the front row but also had a soundcheck ticket this day) but since it’s almost 2AM on Christmas Eve when I’m writing this I’m gonna continue this in the near future.

I met so many cool people during the concerts and I had a great time although loads of things kept dragging down my good mood. Stay happy! 🙂


IMG_4771 IMG_4774 IMG_4775 IMG_4778 IMG_4779 IMG_4781 IMG_4804

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