Review: Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner


Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner is a product I picked up (this one in the small 100 ml size) just before I left South Korea in the beginning of June. And it’s lasted me until now, and I haven’t been using it sparingly, cause I rarely do when it comes to skin products. Isn’t that amazing? That means that this product lasted me FIVE MONTHS! Which is quite amazing.

The pore freshner is a skin toner, so you just put this product on a cotton swab and swab it over your face. The container is what fascinated me about this product, it promises so much;
* Deep cleanses pores
* Maintain ph 4.5 + 1
* Control a large amount of the sebum (sebum basically means excess oil and dirt in your skin)
* Minimize the appearence of pores
* Refine the skin tones
* Keep the elasticity of pores
* Moisturize inside and outside the skin

All amazingly good aspects to get from a skin toner, right?
I don’t know exactly how much it helped with all those aspects on my skin, but I know it really helped cleanse my pores and got out dirt that I couldn’t get off with just cleaning my face. I think sometimes I saw pore minimizing qualities working on my skin, but I’m not sure, since I actually do have quite medium-sized pores usually and it’s not like they’ve disappeared.

I would buy this product again, it’s been better than some american toners I’ve used previously, but I think my favourite toner so far is Arsainte ECO-THERAPY Extreme Moisture Tonic with Essential from The Face Shop.

My score for this product is: 7/10!


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