My first try at circle lens Canon EOS 650D review

My voice sounds really weird, I have a cold. And somehow the focus fucked up half of the video, guh. I didn’t plan this video enough, sorry.

Score for “Bambi Series: Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown” Circle Lenses:
Comfortability: 9/10
Size: 8/10 (they’re really big, which is cool but sometimes it can be uncomfortable)
Colour: 8/10 (I like the more colour I get on lenses, and this seemed a bit faded, but it looks alright)
Price: 8/10 (I got mine for 11$, from

Tips: Brown circle lenses always give a good contrast, and look cool on blue eyes, I think, just because of the contrast to your normal eye-colour, the brighter colour of your eyes, the more you suit brown circle lenses. Grey circle lenses didn’t really suit me colour-wise, because they just look black when I wear them… Just try it out and see how they look on you, but I heard that other people with blue eyes that tried on grey lenses also got disppointed with the result.


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