Fall Favourites: Nailpolish

Since everyone is doing their fall/autumn favourites now in October I thought I should show you my Fall Favourite Nailpolishes. I got them for the fact that I thought they would suit perfectly for fall. They’re both from Skinfood and they’re in the shades “Coffee Jelly” and “Mocha Gold”. I’ve already worn “Coffee Jelly” and been complemented for it several times. I also read in Vogue/Cosmopolitan or a similar magazine that gold-ish colours are supposed to be very fashionable now for autumn/fall.

This is what the “Mocha Gold” shaded nailpolish looks like on;


2 thoughts on “Fall Favourites: Nailpolish

    1. Oh, they have really awesome shades of nailpolish! I really love Skinfood nailpolishes, because they have these awesome shades that I can buy nowhere else. Also Etude House have some good ones, but mostly when looking for basic colours. I definitely recommend Skinfood nailpolishes 🙂 I bought mine from eBay, I find it’s the cheapest/easiest way to buy them^^

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