K-drama time!

I really love the korean dramas I’ve watched in the past, although the only ones I’ve seen fully from beginning to end so far is Heartstrings (I bought this before going to Korea and really liked it), You’re Beautiful (I bought the DVD box-set in Korea), Marry Me Mary (my favourite drama after You’re Beautiful) and Dream High Season 1. I’ve also watched episodes of many others I’ll try to remember them: When The Moon Embraces The Sun, Dream High season 2, Shut Up! Flower Boy Band, Witch Yoo Hee (I own this), Jungle Fish 2 (I own this), Secret Garden, Goong, Love Rain, Boys Over Flowes, Innocent Man…. That’s all I can remember now, I know I forgot more than a few in the list!

But this time I’m gonna dedicate again to one full series at a time!
This time I’m gonna watch King 2 Hearts, my friend recommended this to me and I’m a huge fan of Lee Seung Gi and his bright smile, and Reply 1997/Answer to 1997. I’m really excited!


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