My Youtube Account Hacked by T-ARA Antis?

Okay so lately you probably know that I’ve been fangirling over T-ARA’s song “Sexy Love” and therefore I’ve been favourite-ing many of their videos/live-performances on Youtube. Partly because I’m learning the silly dance, it looks so funny! Also I’ve been a fan of T-ARA since I started listening to kpop, and my wallpaper on Youtube is a picture of Park Jiyeon since years back.

Anyhow I was watching random videos on Youtube and suddenly I noticed my avatar had been replaced with a picture from T-ARA’s “Day By Day” promotions, but with red scribblings over it, this picture (this is without the scribblings):

I thought that was really weird, and instantly replaced it with a picture of me, which is my normal avatar picture for my Youtube account. Therefore I can’t show you exactly what the picture looked like, sorry, but it freaked me out a bit, especially since what I’ve been doing half the day is writing my final-essay for my course in Socialpsychology, and I chose to write one of the assignments from the T-ARA controversy of july because Socialpsychology is about how people act in a group and the subject of the T-ARA/Hwayoung-controversy is a perfect subject to discuss since it got so big and scandalous.
Imagine now why the changing of my avatar picture got me a bit nervous. I mean, it could just have been Youtube glitching, but I can never be sure.

I’m definitely not someone who supports bullying, and I listen to kpop because of the music, not the people. I know the business is a bit weird with their rules and especially involving korean cultural standards makes it more and more abstract to understand the full concept of it. But I am someone who loves music, especially kpop since years back. Not bullying. And I mean, the girls basically spend 24h/day with each other, lack sleep and have really busy schedules whilst they are in one of the most competitive industries in the world, no wonder that they fight, and gossip. It’s just really badly handled by their entertainment company for not acting faster, closing down the girls’ twitter accounts and making them stop airing their dirty laundry in public.

So any T-ARA antis, get off my back, will you? 

Also don’t judge people so fast for their actions



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