Today + CRAYON

Today I’ve had the worst cold in the world. Which started on friday. I just have been feeling really sick this whole weekend so that’s been a bit shitty. And my dad has gotten sick too. It’s quite funny that as soon as I get sick his immune system crumbles and he gets sick too. Every time.
Friday I saw the premiere of Resident Evil: Retribution at the cinema with friends. It was really surprisingly good. And eventhough it was packed full with action scenes, it’s definitely my favourite Resident Evil-movie so far.
Tomorrow I’m going to the doctor. The reason why is because the last two months my hair has been falling out in a much bigger amount than the normal hair-loss per day of a normal healthy person. So this really got me stressed on friday when even my dad stated that he was worried and that I really should go see a doctor about it. So I’m going tomorrow first thing before school.

Also! I started studying a course called Socialpsychology at University last week. I was accepted a bit late for the course, but it’s all good. The course is so interesting! My teachers are really good and interesting and I’m really enjoying the course so far. I’m excited for tomorrow’s lecture! The only current issue is that I haven’t recieved my course litterature yet and no studying-allowance. So my economy is low, which sucks. Well, there’s not much I can do anyway, having this awful cold.

Another thing making me happy:
G-Dragon’s MV for the song “Crayon (크레용)” is out! It’s really cool and actually funny/entertaining, check it out below:


I absolutely looove that GD has nice hair now and dresses up as my favourite female actress Jeon Ji Hyun ❤ (the last two pictures above)

And THE HEADBAND is back ❤ So cuuute 🙂

I also find it ironic that GD has the same style of bathrobe as Bam Margera does.


One thought on “Today + CRAYON

  1. Each show is different and it really depends on whos booking it and for the bigger shows with celebrities and bands they need a lot of lead-time.
    But you can’t just stand there grinning like
    an idiot until they finish laughing. Wouldn’t it be nice
    if we could take a magic pill and have a perfect relationship.

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