Jang Keun Suk loves me?

I love this video. JKS is so cute promoting Team H, I really can’t wait for them to come tour Europe. It would be awesome if they came to Sweden and DJ:d in Gothenburg^^ My home town. I love Jang Keun Suk’s english, is so adorable. “I’m your pet”. Kkkk. Points for promoting one of his best movies.

Also, why the “angry face”, JKS? A bit cranky today, or just a bit confused with the english? Kkkk.

Sorry I haven’t been updating properly lately. All weekend I’ve been away celebrating my friend’s birthday and we’ve been out of 3G/wifi area. So basically we’ve been in the woods. So no internet/telephone connection. For shame. But we had a lot of fun. Also yesterday my friend had a job interview in another city so I followed him there as “mental support”, I guess?
Also today is my brother’s birthday, so I’ve been celebrating that most of the day. He turned 20 today! He’s grown so big, hahah. Then this evening me and some of my closest friends gathered to hang out.


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