When Romance Meets Destiny

Today I met my close friend Salle and had coffee with him and two of our other friends. Then I ended up celebrating one of their friends on her 21st birthday. It was really nice, although I was one of the oldest people at the party (which I always find a bit weird since I’m pretty used to being the youngest). It was a nice evening just hanging out with some friends and acquantances and new people to make friends with. Most of the people I met today are really into theatre and are actors so it’s very interesting spending time with them when the occasion occours. Many of them are also really impressively talented actors. It was a nice evening of celebrating the birthday girl and eating cake and just talking.

I just started watching a korean movie named “When Romance Meets Destiny” which I just came across by accident. I really love one of the female actors (Kim Ah-joong/김아중) because of her role in the movie “200 Pounds Beauty” so I really am excited about seeing this movie. I really hope it’s as good as the title suggests. I really love korean melodramas. They are really one of a kind. I’ve really been surprised lately by how much korean I understand, when it comes to listening that is. Listening has always been my stronger point when it comes to korean (along with pronounciation) and I’m actually really relieved that that is the case. I’m really slow with reading korean still and I find it difficult to say the least.

Here’s a list of some of my favourite korean comedies/drama movies:
The Classic
My Sassy Girl
A Moment To Remember
200 Pounds Beauty
My Teacher Friend
My Girlfriend Is An Agent
My Wife Got Married
My Little Bride
My Pet
Architecture 101
My Mighty Princess
Do Re Mi Pal So La Si Do
Baby And Me


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