Creepy busdriver

Okay, so it all started about a year or so ago with me falling asleep on the last bus home and getting woken up by people a few stops past it (aka one hour walking time to get home). The busdriver’s girlfriend nicely volenteered for him to drive me back after the last stop. The thing was that we were running out of gas by that time so he had to drive to the “bus headquarter/bus garage” instead. And so I ended up sleeping in the busdriver-resting room with him and his girlfriend. Basically we all fell asleep in chairs whilst watching The Simpsons in the middle of the night on TV and then caught the first bus home the next day.

Then after that whenever I took the bus that he drove, he always said hi to me and tried to talk to me, which is fine, I mean, I understand that the job is boring so why not try to entertain the bus-drivers a bit so it makes their job more fun.

Anyhow, this evening I got on the bus and there was a bus-card controller working on it, so I quickly stamped my buscard (which says that I’m two years younger, which means I don’t pay twice as much for each trip) and hid in a seat a bit further back. Then the card-controller guy came back and told me “Walk up to the front, the busdriver wants to speak to you”. I was a bit nervous by that time, because the penalty for not having the right buscard is really expensive in the part of sweden where I live.

But turns out that the busdriver was the one which I know, let’s call him M, not to mention any names. Lately when I’ve seen him on the bus it’s been quite obvious that he’s halfly hitting on me, I should mention. But I’ve been trying to brush it off. And this time it came to that point again. He was asking me to promise to teach him to dance salsa. He even asked me to stay on the bus until he gets off work and then go to his house and teach him to salsa there. By that point it was quite obvious to everyone hearing the conversation that he was talking about something else than salsa the dance. Also he asked me what kind of dream-man I have. I said “korean”. Which of course disappointed him (since of course he’s not korean). Then I said “Famous”. Then “Taller than me would be preferred”. He asked me my height and then he realized that I was a bit taller than him (I’m 172 cm tall, that’s about 5,7 inches I think), which made the card-controller man giggle. God, such an embarrassing awkward situation. He kept hitting on me obviously until I got off the bus. Asking to give me a massage, talking about his “magic hands” and daring me to sing for him and such things. So yeah…. And also he said my age in front of the card-controller man which I then had to half-flirt with to try to make him not give me a fine for riding on the wrong bus-card. Ugh. So exhausting.

I mean, M is an entertaining bus-driver and at least nice to me so I shouldn’t really complain. It’s just that I don’t like too much to be hit on when I get on any type of transportation-thing. I mean, M and his girlfriend both saved me from having to sleep on the street or walk home or get a taxi or having to call my dad at 3-4AM to try to get him to drive me home.

So basically, I really hope I’ll never see that bus card-controller guy again. Otherwise I’m a bit screwed. Unless I’m an awesome liar. Need to think up a really good lie for that….

I mean, the buses aren’t supergreat, comfortable or fast either. Buses in both London and Seoul are sooo much better. They also feel safer. So I am not gonna pay 10 times the price for one bus-ride for shittier service.

EDIT: Also why why why in the world am I such a creeper/weirdo-magnet? This has been a constant thing happening at least since I was 16. I don’t understand it.

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