T-ara Controvercy – Best Explanation of the whole thing so far

I honestly believe that there’s truth to what’s in this post in the link. I think the evidence really proves what kind of people some of the members in T-ara are and that there has been some turbulence that outbursted into Hwayoung being bullied in the group. Check out the link below, it really explains all the detailes found by fans and revealed about T-ara the last few days;


For those of you who still feel like you need more proof to believe that the bullying ever occurred to that extent as it supposedly has according to the post in the link above, check out this video by EAT YOUR KIMCHI, they did a really good general explanation of what these kpop idols go through to actually get to be in the groups and kind of how life is when working as an artist/entertainer within a group in Korea;

Also I completely agree with Simon and Martina on one thing;
I don’t really care about the idol’s personal lives and I won’t stop listening to bands or join hate-groups or anything like that because of things like this. Sure, this event has made me more aware of what life is as a kpop idol being in a group and maybe I’m more aware than before that my biases in bands might not actually be nice people to me if I ever meet them, but that’s just general knowledge when being a fan of anyone though. The only exception to this really is Chris Brown for hitting Rihanna when they were together – not cool at all. And not to be forgiven. But otherwise, I mean, we started liking kpop because of the music, and we don’t completely know our idols’ personalities so who are we to judge them if we actually don’t know them or get the full complete statement from every member of the group of various things happening through their lives leading up to this event. And if we want that, then wait for them to actually write a biography or something like that… You guys know that time heals all wounds.


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